Saturday, 5 November 2005


Woosh Time truly has flown by.But i'm glad I've collected more experience. So the nice places visited shall be shared with you guys.First is da Club Luna,a place of heavenly has pool right in the middle and a breathtaking view a the twin tower( although from my view it looks like one twin died). Me manda n cynthia were very high.High up in the sky,High from FREE cocktails,High from the atmosphere. I also would like to put some emphasis on Starhill's beautiful set up of creative restaurants,There is also the entrance to this hotel tat makes u feel like ur lost in the stars!! I FAHT TIEN and took lotsa lotsa photos. Ohya i oso went to FRANGIPANI club,Another stimulating evening that instantly brings that sense of being on an exotic holiday.woohoo! loved it.tats y i must go Travelling! for some visual testimonial> go to

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