Thursday, 20 October 2005

half moon

Ok so suddenly i feel like being a singer/songwriter. although i dont have a good melodious voice for singing.i think if i train hard enough i can sing some songs.i wrote a song yesterday tat im quite proud of. but only got to the starting and chorus.I got inspiration from the Half-moon last night.It goes like this

Another lonely night,I am staring at the dark grey sky,it makes me wanna cry,It makes me think of how it didn't used to be like this at all.

but ur like that Half-moon,yeah,half moon. And In this darkened sky of this lonely night yeah,half-moon.

Half-moon,ur neva full to me, Just a half-moon like an incomplete dream gone too soon.

half-full.The glass might as well be empty,Half-full like ur love to me is just bull.

half-moon,you took me for a never came down to my lowly ground so ,Screw you.

well Thats just some stuff i thought of.. too bad i dunno how to write the tune down. so i'll leave you with advice of the day ( LOVE is blind....deaf,dumb and senseless) and ( the price may not be worth the prize). remember

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