Sunday, 4 December 2005

Past self and What happened! read all or Miss out!Ms.Out

After reading Jeannette's blog,it reminded me of my past self,Its been a long time since I remembered ME.I was once what ppl wuld call WEIRD.I kept a little of it but much of me has changed.I used to classify myself and my personalities as well as feelings.I had Jewel (heart of ice,Unfeeling),Emerald (caring emotional lover),Wrathangle (Piercing spitfire fury),Nervian (Onervian=worried nervousness,Hanervian=Excited nervousness),Famision(Psychic part of me that has visions dreams and memories all mixed in a storm),Loopy (crazy funny drunk part of me tat I use as a barrier for pain n worries).It is a time to remember how far u have come in life,do it now.~Winter has gone n now has come,Reminisce the past and what was done.The pouring rain that falls on page front,now crystalize to snow for this month.~yay its been a long time since i casted a spell.
a Let u know what happened=,went to Singapore last weekend( buses now have individual TV,and Singapore's Xmas deco is so nice),went out with Cyn and Rick on Wednesday to eat steamboat(like boiling thick shit) and play basketball in the dark(I almost blended into the background)!Friday went to Magic Theatre Cafe wit Manda,Rach,Erwin and Winson,(nice coconut magiccino) after watching Aeon Flux (unique storyline,GOOD)tats all for now.Bz as Bees with assignments.Just a week more anyway.CYA!

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