Sunday, 11 December 2005

busy day

On friday,I just went to class without a nites sleep.It was our last day as an official class of CD051-1.Gonna miss u guys.SO we all started taking photos like it was picture taking day or sumtin.Rach and Sabby kinda planned it,then everything was just pushed into action.I like the feeling of making things happen.A lot of times i wonder why ppl tend to wait for me to start sumtin.I realised then that I've learnt not to be afraid of outcomes be it good or bad.Like that day when we got back our results for the perspective exam.I insisted on seeing the lecturer and I felt like I was leading a mob against the lecturer.ANYWAY~ after that we had an exam for Pengajian Malaysia-a real LAN subject man like lan jiao.but at least the lecturer already gave the answers and even the questions for some.It felt like a trap or sumtin.But it really was the rite answers.Oh it was also Rachel's birthday.At pizza hut I also *tried* to surprise her wit a bday cake which is now living in my fridge.Calling to me so it can fatten me up with lovely chocolate cream and luscious cocoa layers.STOP IT!.. then I brought her and Winson to Aquaria which was quite interesting.MAKE sure u have ur NEW IC MYKAD if u wana go becoz its 28 instead of 38 with it.i dunno why but it seems they now fine you if u're outdated..then i topped it off with a tour of my office for them.I crawled happily into my bed and konked out for about 16 more assignment to go.OHYA! dun forget to read my new story which I'm starting in the Mistyx site~sum of u r featured in it!

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