Wednesday, 14 December 2005


What do i dislike>? Well firstly its the new twin VJs of MTV,May and Choi.Two slutty bimbos that are as fake as their boobs.They just flirt with anything male.Or maybe anything with a rod.I sense that they are just selling their bodies,like they are so afraid that u'll find out they havent got brains. Secondly,Narnia wasnt that fantastic after watching it with Manda,Yuan xin,Erwin,Hoean,Sookee cookie and KumaXiaoWen.Sadly,it is still a children's book after all.The plot is too simple to excite the minds of an adult.For those who dunno,The book is written by CS Lewis a christian writer,so everything is supposed to b quite symbolic.The Lion Aslan is supposed to b like Jesus.Thats why he sacrifices himself then dies and gets resurrected.It was like watching a fantasy rendition of the bible which combined itself with Snow Queen,Lord of the Rings,Harry Potter and Playhouse Disney's Zoo show or sumtin cuz all the cute furry animals talked.The onli thing worth watching was the quality of the animation which was passable to good.The youngest actress was the best among them.The younger boy has the Asshole Kacheng face.Those ppl who's face u instantly I just dislike his existence.

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