Friday, 16 December 2005

Fouk you and ZOUK WOOHOO!

OMg!! love it love it!!im just back from Clubbin at ZOUK!no wonder its such a hot place man!im still feeling crazy for it.ok backtrack the day!~ SLept at 6 and woke at 11,prepared for goin to Sunway Lagoon,the turnout wasnt too good.always got ppl let go aeroplane.but Lagoon was still fun with Me manda Sookee Erwin yuanxin Fiona abby n her BF.We went to so many rides that i felt so nauseated.AHAA the best part was when i told them tat my sis n I were on the Tomahawk and she was so scared that shouted "FARK YOU! FArk EVERYONE!AAAAAH!FARK FARK!" at the top of her lungs!so tat day every ride we were on,no matter how mild,we would jus scream~ "AAAH! FARK YOU ALL!FARKITY FARK FARK!"and also "WASSSSUPP!"like the budweiser ad.The children were worried for us.but damn fun la.Then straight from there Went to BBQ for Abby.Again sum ppl couldnt make it but its Their lost!we had so much left over food sumore!But Hoaen,Xiaowen,Eugene,Drewie,Winson,joined us.It was not bad,n once AGAIN we set the barbeque on fire.This time with the aluminium foil bursting into flames.such cancerous food i tell u!Afta that~ Me Winson and Peijien went to ZOUK for clubbin!AAAH sweet!and i got in free thanx to Pei jien!they checked Ic and pei jus helped us to get in!but RnB is sooo my thing man.Oh and i found out tat i can tahan alcohol very well.Share for a black label cost 65 bucks.after 6 glasses,i wasnt even high!so annoyin!i paid for nuthin.Then poor Winson got drunk!!and vomited.But he ended up alrite.I culdn't care bout him much cuz i need to shake shake my boday!sorry wow.I love this day.It was really Full Blast Play--gotta do it again- :D for da pics head on to yafro pls.

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