Monday, 20 March 2006

Keep Tryin

Keep Tryin

Keep Tryin -Utada Hikaru (it's been on replay for hours now!~)

Like the title,I'm just trying.I've always believed in the principle of "You never truly fail until u stop trying." And I think this is an important lesson for anyone to learn.

I tried to enjoy myself when I went to Yum Cha with Rick,Cyn and Jun Yuan on Friday night, but it was such a challenge because we were in First Station who unfortunately has a couple of Screaming Banshees on the platform. The singers were just so LOUD!

We had to scream at each other to try having a conversation, My throat immediately went sore and Rick was kind enough to buy me a drink. I even had to resort to some Sign Language to talk to Cynthia, thank goodness we've known each other long enough that i managed to just do some gestures and we laughed cuz we understood the joke. She understood me but Jun Yuan n Rick stared at us n then at each other,wondering if we had gone mad from the blaring NOISE! It was a rather disappointing outing. But i guess I've been expecting too much out of life lately,and getting less results in return. But i can keep on trying.

I'm trying to get out of the yucky sucky moods i've been in.I've had long complaining sessions with CYnthia,Yeng,Jeannette,YeeJenn and nearly anyone who would listen.But still I expect too much out of people.

My auntie may be moving in with me permanently! noooQOoo!!!

I noticed its really hard to live with another person in your own room. I really feel like my territory is being violated.I'm trying to get her to stay downstairs in the guest room but she loves my air con.grrr. Protection of territory is very normal among humans, especially males.

But I'm sure my art of persuasion can get her out of my room.That or I'm gonna set RAT TRAPS in my room from now on.BUHAHAHA. Ciao.

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