Thursday, 16 March 2006


Currently It's a moody phase I'm in.But fear not,I know I'll get over it soon.It's all a matter of when.

What is a blog for? I'm sure many of us has kept some form of diary in our lives, but a blog will be read by others. So as one who likes writing, I shall now conduct experiments to find out what can truly grab the attention of the masses!At least I know i have a constant theme...ME! With that in mind, I hope to explore areas that no one has ever imagined. This brings to mind the way Memoirs Of a Geisha was written, You cannot ask the rabbit to tell you how beautiful it looked when hopping in the flower filled fields in Spring for it cannot watch its own splendour. But you can ask it about the beauty of the fields. This is a good concept to start with

My first attempt shall be to explain my views. As I mentioned before, I think I'm clearly split in half within,like Ham and cheese sandwich,The ham and cheeseare clearly two different things and can be separated but then it would no longer be a Ham&Cheese sandwich any longer. I've had enough time as an introvert during my younger days to know my 'selves' and the personalities. I've come to name them Emerald and Jewel because of the MUD(Multi-user Dungeon) game I played.In the game I started first with Emerald as a healer and supporter, then later came Jewel as a sorceress of offence. This is very appropriate as I feel my innate self as Emerald. In my mind I see a world where Emerald sits on her 'throne' but that throne is extremely plain and only my perception would see it as a throne, otherwise you would have thought it just a gnarled stump situated somewhere in the Savannah. The throne-world where she sits in is quite dark, as if it's about to rain.Yet she sits there calm and thoughtful with a soft green aura. Emerald was named also because I've had this perception she was green from the beginning in accordance with my favourite color and the first color I saw,In fact now tat I think about it,perhaps my creation of the characthers in the game was simply a personification of what I'd already known. Then came....
JEWEL! who was borne to protect Emerald in a way. Jewel sort of appeared or grew during my secondary school years. Like her characther in the game,Jewel seems more offensive to me, or in the eyes of Emerald.She is confident and flirty,prideful and so commercial.Playful with a licence for the extremes.

She glows purple due to my strange change of favourite color,well I still like green too,wait...Argh Im not sure anymore,I guess Jewel grew into such power that they are both as much a part of me now as Ham and cheese is to ham&cheese sandwich! Jewel is very strong in characther and often needs the compassion of Emerald to stop her from doing anything rash. On the other hand,Jewel gets ultimately annoyed when Emerald gets so Emo and Pms-like.

Usually this results in a state i called Loopy (short for loopilatatops)which is something like

So this is the state I'm currently in now..tralaaaa.its very blissful as I dun care what u tink and Im drunk.. oh smooches.people say im funny in this state.Ok I gotta rest my brains.whoosh.

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