Sunday, 12 March 2006


So once again time has passed me by with such blinding speed.My sentence in college shall be resumed.I guess my parole must have really been due to good behaviour then.Because I sure wasnt a good boy the past week.

I grudgingly admit that I am a fan of bryanboy's blog which has achieved blog superstardom.I guess some people have all the luck.But I'm sure there's a way to get there.for those who want to explore the world of Paris Hilton reincarnated as a gay Asian. Visit

I shall go straight to the event where I graced Luna Bar with my presence.Rachellicious my dear mate and 3 new meets of mine= E-jien,Wei Hong and Jien Ann all followed in my trusty bumper car to the scene.There we met with Pei jien and her posse who were seated by the pool.They chatted like birds by the puddle,and we joined in as awkwardly as if we were another flock of birds cramping in on their space.As usual I was in the middle like so many things in my life.The Setting was more than idyllic.We were all dressed up for the sake of looking plush,like a peacock who wears its feathers out of vanity.I felt more in favor of Rach's group since I PERSONALLY! (gasps) went to pick them up,and it was smaller too.So I started the ball rolling by hitting on a common hobby,CAMWhoring!.
We instantly became a clique,snapping shots,laughing,Snapping shots again right until we got the pose just right.

till It felt right..amazing how amateur photography sometimes turn out gorgeous!Even Wei Hoong whom i assumed was not interested,shocked me by taking the camera and pointing it straight at his face. *SNAP*! He needs to work on his poses and distance of the angle but I definitely recognised a camwhore when i see one.
I tell you cam-whoring is addictive! and COntagious too! Its like the new pandemic now.The rest of night blurred away in chit chat but i definitely had fun with these newly met mates.

As for Zouk,It was a total brain-bonker for me when we walked in at 10.30pm to find it....O.O* empty! the dancefloor was like Holy~ground that Thou shalt not step upon.No one dared to step on the dancefloor! This was beyond bizarre for me, and I felt worried that Rach would think of Zouk as ...THIS! horrible kingdom of boredome.But turns out that because of the event by Levi's,the party only started at 12 midnite. But I still can't understand why were the rest of the crowd jiggling at the edge of the dancefloor but treated the actual dancefloor like a pool of acid.
At first it was just the foursome of us,Me,Rach,Peijien and Jeevan (whom i met in Qbar) . But when the party finally started,suddenly a whole group of Advert majors joined us following Ms Z-mun. To me,Rach and Pei Jien,We couldnt wait to get our bodies working to the music~ So we went for half glass shots.We gulped down 5 and decided to get it on first so that the blood will hopefully shoot straight to our brains.In short order,We were spinning our bodies like DJ GOLDFISH was spinning the storm of R&B music!We seemed to be humping everything around us and we didnt care!lol.But I truly felt that rush.Ghetto Heaven was truly divine for me.

Very Well.I'll leave you with a gift.

I cast thee into the fiery trash in the name of the Lord!

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