Sunday, 5 March 2006


AIYA! is the name of this post because im not gonna be normal usual common.
I dont care now cuz Im Emo.But at the same time I care!@.LOL and fark You.
From my memory banks,I have withdrawn the file on Last week.Some pages has been torn to shreds but TOOO FREAKING BAD!

I remember goin to Thai club on Wednesday with Yeng and my Dad's cousin.(She was always more of a cousin to me).And I hated the change there.Thai club sucks now.There were small young farts that sumhow made it in and the DJ wiped out with his bad taste of fugly music.You could tell by the way he stretched each song with its dull repetitive beat.Such a downer.

Thursday's file destroyed...

On Friday,I went for my club meeting which was very fulfilling.We had our first games week and Ellaine headed it with her usual flair.We played something about training our intuition and our impressionistic skills.Very interesting.And Elly my vice-president brought very excellent news,We've got the sponsor for our first event!PANASONIC!they were even willing to provide a plasma TV! plus plus,Naseeb said our club would have funding from college!WOOHOO!like Give us a bank now so we can ATM everyday. Later that night,I went with Christle to her cell group of christian fellowship.I know i've been avoiding these things for so long now but it was still interesting anyway.The topic of discussion was SEXXXX,I said SExXX!waahahah but its holy different.

Saturday's file is Just extra large cuz i'll be looking at it lots.I went to college for a boring class of typography.But when i was at home i received a call from Rachie rachellicious! We were going clubbing that night at Q bar!I immediately put myself to work on looking Plush! We met up with Pei Jien at Kim Gary when Sabrina came too! Me and Rach were so surprised at this!I half expected the stars to melt into chocolate and for the trees to sing 'hallelujah".So the four of us waited for Zi Mun and then proceeded to make our grand entrance into the club.Pumping beats matched those of our hearts and laser lights fanfared our arrival.We were there for the birthday party of Andy,whom i didnt know at all.We sat down and began drinking.Straightaway,we all had one aim in our minds.GET HIGH! After three glasses,I decided to take shots of pure alcohol to get there fast.It got high when I tried to stand up and somehow inertia increased 3 folds!My hands were heavy and moved too fast!Me,Rach and Sabrina just went straight for our R&B.By then,Me and Sabrina were really high.We both laughed and laughed.And we were dancing totally with zero self-conciousness.I remember laughing alot cuz Sabrina was jiggling in such a cute way!!But then Sabrina and Rachelle had to go off early and the party ended at 2am.So I remember Me,Peijien,Zi Mun,her boyfren and newly met frens Yu Meng,Jeevan and birthday boy Andy with girlfren went to Friendster cafe.I was crappping all the way in the car till we were Yum cha-ing,then i sobered up.A truly memorable night!
there are more things to tell you but my files are in random mode.....Oh i'm tryin to prepare for first event of club! tryin to write an article for R'AGE
Upcoming files to be uploaded:Tuesday Luna Bar!
Thursday Zouk! ghetto heaven!

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