Tuesday, 28 February 2006

Past meetings with the past.

Beginning from Tuesday last week :
I met up with Manda and Rachelle and Sabrina and Kum Fook.They seem to have changed.Manda now tries to dress nicer..ooh i wonder why.And Rach plus Sabbie still has that fashionable looks.Kum Fook is like a frenly Ah kong,he brings his newspaper and sips his tea at the kopi tiam.Truly a rare breed of man.Really fun Being with them again.Thats why i'm gonna repeat it again.

I bumped into Samantha Tham while walking pass Ming Tien,and i was actually gonna leave already..then Yeng called me to meet up.So i waited for her,she was dressed in her proud ways as always..but with an attitude to match.Oh well at least she doesnt look down her nose at me.We chatted in Magic Theater till 8..very nice cathching up with her.Then at about 10pm..i areadi felt strangely tired.but there was no class the nex day! NOO i suld sleep late..but i almost smashed my face into the table from fatigue.so i slept damn early.WEIRD.

THis was a weird day cuz i woke super early for no reason and had several fren meetings as well! I was supposed to go with Yeng to Starhill for Quiksilver sale.But we both felt tired so we killed the meeting.Then Tim called me to go out,OMG he ponteng skool and was waiting for me at the Curve to go Redbox.So since it was near,I jumped into the car n Karaoke time!Wah both jono and Fiona can sing!sowish ppl!And they left early..leaving me to sing by myself for awhile.But i then left for a quik session of Bodyjam at fitness first.I was wearing a normal shirt with jeans!LOL so wrong for exercise.but wateva. Then i left for Sheryl's meeting.YeS SHERYL called me out!ahaha so we yum cha and chatted but i was down with the weird condition again.so sleepy at 11!!such cacatness@!i used to stay up till 6am with onli a yawn!this was like falling asleep on the spot!I had to wash my face after listening to her for awhile.LOL.not tat she was boring.but I couldnt stop it.but we finally went back to her hse at about 11.30 and then we looked at pics till 1am i tink.but i wasnt tired anymore.mebe it was the atmosphere.

Went for Club meeting.It is a rather stressful thing to be a leader.Not at all glamourous as most might tink.It comes with responsibility. as in the Wheel Of TIme puts it=(Death is as light as a feather,Duty heavier than a mountain).Everyone wants the club to be ready and running instantly.yet they do not see the problems tat takes time in solving!

went for class and then took Cynthia to watch fun with Dick n Jane.It was a long time since i saw her.Then we were hungry n broke,so we brought Rick out and made him our driver plus he subsidized our steamboat dinner.CLAP!then he drove us back while we slept at the back.that is da life!.

SUn:Rest day.Helped mom pick out Dinner dress.BOught a tub of ice cream plus chocs.WOHOO!

Mon today: Met up with Jonathan chai for a drink and a short chat since i was late again.it was rather odd to suddenly feel closer to him than i ever had in the whole five years we were in secondary skool together.Life is full of turns and twist like a rapid river.then the one hour class.then arcade session at the 2D LAb.SUCH FUN GAME!lol..n i used the lab as my current fav hideout.so cool its like my private lounge.plus it has a secret entryway to get in.I LOVE IT.

Tomoro:meeting with Yeng for ice skating plus Buffet meal with the Advert gang.till next moment in time..Abiento.
Funny pic=

Oh,yes..and you look like a Whore!!!

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