Monday, 20 February 2006

Weekend Doppelganger!

On Friday Night,I was online and i started chatting with sheryl,and ended up talking thru our mikes till 6am!omg neva expected such lateness from sheryl the early bird.But i feel such extreme joy to see the positive change in her.And it was definitely worth the time..Didnt sleep cuz i started my work after the conversation which brings me to
Saturday!,-rush to class and was on time!!> or was I? turns out the lecturer was hospitalised!cuz of dengue.HA,i knew it was too good to b tru.SO class went on and i fell asleep in class.then Manda came to help me do my com work.The rain started to pour and i rushed into my car and went off to Klang for a funeral!YAY! hahaa my joy is not because i'm sadistic but because I enjoy reunions.An excuse that brings the family together.My aunt was there with my cousins and the dead man who was their grandpa.Apparently he died choking on a fishball!how fragile the human life is.The food was vegetarian!AAAH!nono!I need my flesh!!~then later when it started to get boring,cuz my cousins had to do those kneeling and bowing dance for the corpse while Nuns drone their monotonous chants(the true mournful part).Then I received a Sms from Jono to go clubbing.YES!finally an excuse to get out of the dead place.So i told my mom "Mom,lets just go off la.The main person here is dead anyway." My mom nodded and said "yala,the food here is crap sumore.I thought it would be delicious hokkien-cha since its Klang!" So we left and reached home about was past twelve which means it was
Sunday!,I said I would meet Jono at his hse n he asked "since when did U come to my hse?" I was thinking (wats his problem?) how can he forget me being at his hse!? My very presence tat graced his home!He suld hav taken a photo and mount it on the wall like Planet Hollywood.So anyway he asked me to meet him by the side of the road then he'll take me there.When we reached,I searched for him trying to match my memory of him with the people around me.Then from far off,a guy waved at me..(My eyesight must be gettin worse.)I walked closer.(eiyer..why is jono like that?he looks odd...)I stopped right in front of him.He asks me "do I look okay?" (OMG!!!!AHAHAHALOL!@ this is the wrong Jono!!This is the OTHER Jono I met in Redang.I can't believe I didn't suspect anything.totally oblivious to the fact tat it was a whole different person!!)But I had a fun time in LQ anyway.The music was good.And I had a good chat with this jono.and i slept till 6pmto make up for a little sleep.and now its monday 6am...I just did this horoscope thing which is amazingly accurate,The normal ones we see in newspapers are so not accurate because it is merely ur Sun sign,We have the other 9 planets to consider hello!so u need to check with an expert or go download a freeware that will calculate ur i'll leave you with a funny pic.

I gave my life and my company to them.But they still keep on demanding more of me.

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