Thursday, 16 February 2006

ripples n rivulets

The day began with the loud intrusive noise of my silver alarm clock.My hands strikes like a viper straight at the offensive shrill sounds.My hand assasinates it and the alarm clock dies instantly.Handphone hand flies to quickly press the (stop) button.Woke late again...So I drag myself into the toilet,stare at self for awhile.(brain falls asleep)...minutes later...looks at toothbrush,wonders about the meaning of brush and why it rhymes with rush..rush..Rush? OMG RUSH! i look at the time,The seconds were racing with me. (big cloud of smoke appears from my rushing) ..jumps into my bumper car and arrives at college,late.AGAIN.
My favourite class! Culture and Society class.This class is one of my favs because it allows me to share my own opinions.I really enjoy debating oddly,I feel so prepared to argue over something just for the sake of it.This class has also jolted me to realise my own perspective on my nationality.I mean most of us Malaysians do feel ashamed to be from here.
once i heard this girl who called her friend "hey don't walk so fast la~" Her friend quickly turned around and put on a fake fake accent "stop that!Don't say 'La' or else people will know we are malaysian!"
I feel ashamed to have her as a malaysian!So it has really got me thinking.I've been mistaken for Thai,Indian,Indonesian,Phillipino,Malay and Sarawakian and I used to be insulted.but now i'm glad tat my race is not clear so tat im not tangled up in racial problems.I don't feel pro-race.In fact i think the very word race is stupid,its just like breeds for dogs.Think about it,is there a difference between Race and nationality for Indians n Chinese in China n IndiaWhy is it in Malaysia that even in ur MyKad ur race mus b permanently printed??This further divides us by race n doesn't encourage peace.?
Finally after another inspiring class.I went home till nine and then went to sing karaoke with Christle.I definitely enjoy singing.I even write songs!Woww!lOL
Oh forgot!b4 i went out with christle,
I went for a walk in the rain.It's always divine to bathe in that force of nature,to appreciate the solitary song of showers.I looked straight ahead and see the thousands of drops falling.i tried to imagine the millions that were coming down straight at my head.I wanted to see it.I looked up.but became blinded by a flurry of raindrops.Then It occured to me,you cannot see that magnificent sight.?It must be felt.So i closed my eyes and faced the sky,each touch of a raindrop was soft,yet was a caress.

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