Monday, 13 February 2006

yesterday n today

Yesterday was Saturday,A farewell meet-up for Lyvia at One utama since she will b in New Zealand counting sheeps for 3 yrs.I went over to Sheryl's hse first to help her dress up.Then together we go fashionably late to the meeting. Sheryl:"Dad, Royce will be here to help me choose clothing." Sheryl's Dad:"oh so he's gonna choose your bra and underwear too is it?"he asks sarcastically.
Oh well,at least he did let me enter the hse.Its hard to b close wit my female frens due to parental "guidance".
So at the meet-up,immediately everyone splits into 3 groups.Lyvia n her new BF,The 4 guys group and the my group.I'm in the group which is Sheryl,Cynthia n me.We huddle up and eye the boys suspiciously with our arms crossed on our chests.They in turn group up n lean against the railings to chat softly.Well seems like the cliques of our school is still hard to breakdown.For me,Two of the guys are quite close to me,which is Rick and Jonathan.well,Jonathan's the one I recently told my WHOLE life its a rather sudden thing.The main problem for me in the guy group is...Darkness.In fact the onli one i dun get along with.well there is wei ping too but he is jus an all round cool-guy so he is a man of few words.And IM NOT!LOL@And Lyvia and her BF is a couple,somehow tat creates a space around them that no one can approach.But of course being the frenly one,i threw caution to the wind and intruded anyway,her bf seemed nice ,though a bit shy.but they look very much happy together.
Then the events of the day was mainly a weird dance of control between the groups.of course the my group has an edge cuz they've got me.Darkness doesnt like it when i look close n frenly to sumone u see.and i sensed cyn didnt like it too when jonathan pulled me aside to talk.but it was darkness who rudely interrupted my conversation.Such impudence!but it was mostly a passive under the table thing.or mebe im jus dramatizing life.
Anyway later that day i brought Cyn to the curve for cam whoring sessions.n came out with some nice photos .i wana use this photo as my club's photo.Otak Kotak! (HELP!!! my Brain is being Boxed up by this world of preconceptions,mindsets and monotonous thoughts.)

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