Thursday, 9 February 2006


Spring time and the ancient celebration of love is coming.Valentine's day.
Let me give you some info abt the origins of this day.It started as a paganistic ritual for the Romans who thanked the gods Lupercus and Juno Februa for protecting their sheep from wolves.When Rome became Christianized,They also tried to christianize this practice too.So they made bachelors and maidens cast their names on paper and place it in an urn.then each shall draw a name of the opposite sex and be their valentine for the next year.Later they tried to change it by putting names of Saints instead so that those who draw the names of saints must emulate their lives like the saints for one year.Then it went back to the old way again.The bachelors fell in love with the one they are Valentine's to faster than with their valentine.

Ok enough of interesting info.Nothing much of interest lately..I finally bought the perfume I've wanted and also got a nice crown ring.I dunno why i love it so much,Well maybe because Royce means Son of a King in Old English.That day while i was looking at shades of paint at the Dulux color palette..u know how they name each shade like summer's breeze or i look at one dark shade of purple and it was called "King Royce"! so cool@!Oh i finally watched Memoirs of a geisha with amanda and i identify with Sayuri so much!I loved it when they look at her and saw the element water instantly!I've always felt out of place from the normal and ordinary.THats why my fav fairy tale is the little mermaid.Somehow the element of water plays such a huge part in my life.Like falling in love in it.Yes i fell in love in a pool.Anyway,Rachie said the movie is like a summary of the book.I cant wait to read the book now! so lets have a look at other people's life..
Lately,i got close to a friend i never really talked to before.Suddenly telling him my WHOLE LIFE STORY!it was plush because he in turn told me some stuff I never knew,which helped to make sense of some events in secondary school.So I encourage everyone to be open and DARE TO SHARE!

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