Tuesday, 31 January 2006

Holy holidays

Yay yay!! *laughs evilly* My angpaus! Red Glorious Packets!So holidays been good.Club's been good.Life is bright and happy.Ok after reading Tim's blog,I feel ready to write again.I think people are quite interested in seeing their names in people's blog.So sook ee wanted to go wit me n xiaowen to KLCC.But she cancelled immediately.And i wanted to go shopping!The 28th and 29th was jam packed full man.This year,my cousin aunt (dads cousin) came with me to most houses.It gave me a good family feeling.And i tried to laugh as much as i can at every house.I guess thats what they want.The Chinese New Year tradition is to have light,laughter,noise and basically to look 'better-richer-more-fabulous'than you'll ever be.OOOh, Jonathan just invited me back to dibrova!another world i've left for so long.Oooh. ok here's some bimbo info> Lyvia is leaving the country!Rick's birthday is this Sat!!er,ok..i wana go spend my ang pau now.

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