Monday, 23 January 2006

Many me

Well. Nowadays i'm feeling a little down.There's a little annoying sunshine in my rain.AHAHa funny how i tink the opposite.I dislike the sun,he is so proud and always blazing there.and love the rain.So I would literally love it to rain on my parade.Anyway last night I was in Rush.Omg such a melbourne shuffling club.At first i was heading for Qbar but it got raided! *gasp*(hand to mouth) good thing i hadnt arrived in time.Rush was just ok only.I still think Zouk is da King of Clubs.AY? no not the card. I want to look for more worlds to dive into.I'm currently playin alot of Neverwinter Nites but i'm quite slow.I'm listening to songs from Chrono Cross,and it really brings me back to that world.I really feel like I've lived there before and have passed on.So many lives i've lived.That is one of the main reasons I'm doing Digital Animation.So i can live so many more lives b4 i do pass on from this one.
On a lighter note.TOB club (Think Off the Box) is coming along gorgeously.The core members have boomed to 20 ppl and we even have a forum now! TOB FORUM!!!~Clique here~ soon we can take over the world! so remember members,Pls meet on Friday at 1pm,At the Nikmat Curry house.thank you.

Funny pic of the day= "You should thank god we even give you toilet paper@!

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