Thursday, 19 January 2006

Sooo Plush.

I notice an increase in visitors for my blog.WOOHOO that is so plush. Plush=Stylish and Luxurious according to the oxford dictionary.And its also my word of the year.Since 2002 i've had a word each year.2002 was Hakoneeh(Har-Cor-neh)=meaning hello in some unknown language of some tribe.It became popular when we heard it in the computer lab from a language program,the guy sounded like a drunken pondan.we put it on repeat and it was so hilarious that we were laughing to DEATH!I had to support myself with a cupboard and i was laughing so hard that the cupboard vibrated.We adopted it to mean biatch.2003 was a crazy year with several codewords,i won't explain them but here are some=Jalapeno,Armageddon,Ragnarok,Moss,Jackal Triad,ASS club 7As and Trinity .2004 was Sow=meaning a mother pig.which we used on our principal often.2005 was fetch = meaning cool.Taken from the popular show Mean Girls.This years word came from sheryl because she's become more pro-american.Oh and i've oso coined a word for bad things this year.It started when i wanted to say SHIT! but ended up saying "That's soooo SSSSHHREK!" Tim loved it so tadaa!good things=Plush,Bad things=SSShrek.
Ok Nowadays I feel like I shouldn't focus on myself and to distract myself from my meaningless worries,I've dedicated myself to a pet project.Starting a new club in college! so far we came up with the name [Thinkin Out]of the Box = TOB because we study at TOA.the box is outside of the [ ] because ppl will expect the box to b inside.So i'm pretty excited as i want to change people's lives for the better,particularly if i've contributed in helping them to become extroverted.And also to leave a legacy behind when i leave TOA.who knows,In the future it might become a famous teen outreach programme.YAY! funny pic of the week

I knew this trip was gonna be LAME!

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