Sunday, 15 January 2006

Friday the 13th& Blast off Blasted

On FRIDAY the 13th,A Full Moon night.I unwillingly went with rachell to the blast off event,in hope that maybe i wuld appear on screen in astro,Alas.such dreams were the battle of the bands were all about Rock.sadly It is a genre which i lack interest in.But there was one interesting band called the funny bunny.which WAS quite funny.singing" go,go funny bunny!"(like go,go power rangers).So after The whole thing,I was only waitin cuz i tot we would be allowed to club at orange afta tat,but it closed afta the event.BLA!So instead me,Rachell,J.lo and Fiona (J.lo is fiona's guy fren.well,Im to bz to see jen these days,u know how it is)SO we ended up in Nouvo with no one dancing there at all!A grave seemed more festive. So Me and rachell totally started The Party!!!I asked the DJ to (in Jen's words) Play My mother f***in SONG!then we went on stage and AAAAAH it was so Mind-bendingly and life affirmingly GLorious!People then started to filled the dancefloor.EAT ur heart out MADONNA!And best of all no cover charge!the night was totally perfect~!Friday the 13th?bad luck? i'd say bad luck is scared of me! And for those of you who's neva seen what is scary.Try Tyra Banks in her Pissiest EVER! Tyra Goes Wild You whip that girl Tyra! And i finally posted like two of my drawings cuz i feel lazy to put more.

(extract from Tim's blog)Various reports are claiming over the Christmas holiday Jennifer Aniston sucked it up and called Brad Pitt's cell phone to wish him a Merry Christmas, but it was not he who answered the phone. :s She dialled his cell phone only to have his new love, Angelina Jolie answer the phone for him. With rumours of a marriage and a baby on the horizon for the Jolie/Pitts, their conversation was understandably short and strained. However, according to the Post Chronicle and FOX news the conversation did manage to break the ice and led to another phone call from Angelina in which she revealed she was pregnant with Pitt's child. According to reports, the conversation was a tearful one...(righttt.. see! Now Jolie and Aniston are great buddies who can cry over the phone together when they feel like) but what was actually said only they, and most probably Pitt, will ever know."
This is someone's childish interpretation of how those conversations went.
Aniston: Ring, Ring
Jolie: Hello?
Aniston: Ummm ... hi, is Brad there?
Jolie: Who's this?
Aniston: This is Jennifer Aniston.
Jolie: Who?
Jolie: LOL!
Jolie: Just kidding.
Aniston: So, um, is he there?
Jolie: Oh. Sorry. Yeah, but he's ... um ... busy. LOL.
Jolie: Can I take a message?
Aniston: Yeah, just tell him I said Merry Christmas.
Jolie: Yeah, okay. Will do.
Aniston: Thanks. Bye.
Jolie: Later.

Conversation 2:
Jolie: Ring, Ring
Aniston: Hello?
Jolie: Hey, Jen! I forgot to tell you I'm totally pregnant with Brad's baby!
Jolie: LOL!
Jolie: No, seriously, I am. Don't tell anyone, k?
Aniston: (sobbing) Okay.
Jolie: Later.
Angelina Jolie has taken up off-road motorcycling so that she can deliver food parcels to the world's needy...(more at Tim's blog)

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