Monday, 28 August 2006


-A Whale's Shitload of a Tale

I deeply apologise to you biatches who have secretly cursed me for not updating and disappointing you.I shall now bludgeon my already weak memory to recall the juicy details.

Sailing Saturday
Last Saturday was a Day of discovery! I discovered two excellent places! The crew was Captain Jono,Wavemistress Fiona ,Firstmate Tim and finally Prince Pirate Royce.Together we sailed to Australian Education Fair in the morning,Once again I felt the 'fahn-ness'(annoying-ness) of selecting a course.I have too many passions,so that's why I ended up as a pirate prince. Then for Lunch we discovered treasure!On the Island of No42,Jalan Segambut Utara,KL. Seen only from 8am-5pm with the signboard:0123355563~

Such excellent Seafood Noodles! With a scrumptious combination of Prawns,Mussels,Cockles and Fish, The flavorful curry or clear soup will parade down your mouth to the tummy.An excellent but expensive bowl of 12$ Sea treasure.

Later We went to Ikea to play Hide & Seek! I know,we are such half-insane,part retarded siau lang's.But we had such Fun.Meet the opposing teams!

We chose three Items (a light bulb,a pillow and a book) to hide around the showrooms of Ikea.We had to give the opposing team a riddle sms to help them find the item.Me n Tim were soooo at a disadvantage ok.We thought we would be kind and gave them descriptions of a room like "Two pink fishes right next door,big round reflection on the wall".They were black-ass-evil and gave us sum crap like this "Paul and Sally Loved Each Other,They Want To Have Sex But Time Is Not At Their Side,Their Sperm and Ovum Will Not Meet....(And Sum stupid shit I cant rememeber)" Me and Tim were like.Does that mean...its on a bed?..mebe Time is not by their side has something to do with a clock>? but you kno wat it was about! we were supposed to take the first letter of each word and then flip it around to spell the name of a furniture in Ikea! WART DUR PHARQUE~ n u kno ikea has screwed up names like KahLehgnh or Durhlegg or ViknumsteinHein crap blaaa!We were so pissed we just gave up and headed to Marche for Dinner.

After Dinner on the Yummy tropical island of Marche,we went to the second Treasure Island smack in the Bermuda Triangle! It was called Settler's Cafe!

We imagined it to be a simple cafe tat provided the usual uno stacko or playing cards.But this was totally unexpected! They have boards u've never heard of glittering with the promise of great fun!.Betrayal in the Haunted House,Monster of America,Marriage Material,Snorta! and even Dota on the board.the coordinates of the X that marks this treasure is no.32,Jalan SS22/21,Damansara Jaya,P.J.(beside Atria).The map also has the inscription-(0173031269 Gary).We immediately felt the effects of the bermuda triangle,We stayed there till 3am,playing all sorts of funny exciting games,then left happy,joyful n planning to return.

~To Be Continued!~

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