Tuesday, 29 August 2006


Holidaze 2
-A Whale's Shitload of a Tale: Part 2

Shashay Sunday
Last SUnday,In the Morn,I went to Tropicana's Charity Fair.Dad gave me like 60 bucks coupon voucher to splurge..Its always fun to have monopoly money and feel like ur actually cheating these ppl into believing the paper money is real,and getting stuff for free!I bumped into XiaoWen there,got STOOD UP by Christle and bought lots of stuff for my family..but none for myself-- :( ..im too giving.

At nite,It was Jasiminne's Birthday!I went with Winson cuz i totally didn't kno the way.Anyway I arrived fashionably late as usual (by one hour++).There were only a few ppl at the barbeque dinner,thank goodness we didn't have to roast food ourselves.Jasiminne and her family were rather nice together,she really looks like her mom.

However,I was more interested in that bottle of red wine...which someone suggested I should mix with the Rum. Soon I was giggling like joyful carebears on crack! in fact the others who tried it ended up doing something unexpected~

THen it was pretty boring except when they were playing with Jasiminne's pussy. I mean Persian kitten and that Winson got all that cats fur on me after playing with her pussy.He ambushed me from behind and gave me a great big hug! at first I thought SHIT! is he drunk? is he trying to hump me? but then he let go and laughed.And I knew it. I was covered in pussy fur! yuck!
The real fun started when everyone else left and it was jus me,Jasiminne and Winson.We got to experience the Birthday girl's private boudoir,her amazing Opera vocals,Her unique & strange wardrobe plus seriously funny music choice (finally heard the Hokkien version of Star Wars!)

I can't recall Monday!! I think I visited someone?oh gosh like how Amnesia can I get.

Tipsy Tuesday
I think I woke really late,then I went swimming! And as soon as I entered the pool,I saw something that has captivated me since childhood. A Mermaid!! AAAHWAAAUUU.
but on a closer look,I realised it was a guy swimming like a mermaid.

I was so surprised that they were actually training to swim like that.I mean,I've always done that in the pool but i didn't know it was CORRECT,a real style! I approached the swimmer like he was the legendary creature.I asked him about his gorgeous,..long....fins.He asked me to talk to his swimming coach who owned it.I swam to him and listened blankly about the brand and stuff until he said those magic words
"Would you like to try it for a swim?" My heart pounded with excitement.I'll finally get to feel what it's like to be a mermaid.I slipped on the lovely long hard fins,And rushed thru the whole pool with such freedom.It was as if I was a bird who finally could fly! I BELONGED in the water. whoosh,wat a rush. Then came the compliment,the coach asked "Are you a freediver?" I blinked blankly at him, er..No. Then he asked "Are you a school swimmer then? Or you do scuba diving?" I was like er..do I even have the body of a swimmer@? Hello! major eye check needed here. "no".Then he nodded in surprised approval and said "not bad your speed,you can do it quite naturally.You do this often?" I was tinkin (Really really? You think I'm good? Aiya its natural la siau lang!I lie for wat? keep asking if I dive or scuba.Jealous la you.hehehe) "Oh thank you". He said they were there most Tuesdays and I was welcome to come use the flippers after they train. HOOORAH!!! I finally get to turn into a mermaid every Tuesday! *fins not as cool as in pics*

Then at nite I went with my aunt Candy to Maison for clubbing.But I didn't know R&B nite has changed to Thursday! now Wednesday is for Retro!YUCK! so thank goodness my aunt had a ROBERT* (cantonese slang for Suga Daddy,but no sex or commitment required.Its pronounced more like LOH-Bet.) So we went instead to the nearby Loft,Tuesday was Ladies nite but to avoid me having to pay cover charge,n oso for free drinks,we camwhored while waiting for the Loh-bet.

WHen he finally came we just followed in,felt so VIP,ooh.There was Cherry WHisky and a black label.I only had time to chat a while with the many new ppl before I Downed loads of glasses and requested that the Dj play R&B and i got up on the platform n danced my heart out! OMG SO FUN! Free drinks,Free fun.Freeeak out! loved it.

Weird Wednesday is missing from memory!Did I visit Jeannette? Or did I go yum cha sumwhere? watever!

Tooting Thursday
It was Chrystal the Dracolshian's Birthday which was celebrated together with James too.The Shidio gang appeared in McD in Sunway to ready for a surprise at RedBox.There were 16 altogether and we had one great long session singing all sorts of songs.I met Shaza,a really nice girl n close fren to Samantha.Everyone could sing actually,I was rather surprised.
Right after that I brought them to Settlers! there were only eight of us (Ben,Shaza,Sam girl n sam guy,Shawn,William,JunTseng and me)We had so much fun I tell you.It's a HTBT Have-To-Be-There sort of funny situation.I really enjoyed the Snorta with them though. the highlights were when William pointed at Shaza and shouted "HEEhaw!" then acted like he won. Then Shaza looked back and shouted "Wrong! ASSHOLE!" And she won!ANd we all laughed like mad wahahaa..cuz that was the name he chose for himself!whahah. ANd we oso discovered that pigs don't go Oink oink! they go "What the fuck!" whaahhaa.damn fun

Freaky Friday and Silly Saturday were spent with Jono and Fiona again at Settlers!Tim onli joined for Friday.I was there three days in a row. I know! its so addictive! I tell u it was kinda embarassing for those workers to see me there again,we don't want them to think that we dont have a life ok! So fiona was like covering her face with the handbag! lol so cute. But basically we played like 10 hours on friday,for me n Fiona, then i drove her back around 2am and chatted in the car till 5am in the dark alley in OUG>!It was really nice though cuz we talked about Sky to Earth n life and everythang!.

Slippery Saturday
After the games with Jono and Fiona,I went to where my Parents were eating.A mixed auntie who was the chef of Montian (the Thai cuisine restaurant of the One Bangsar) SHe cooked the most gorgeous meal evar!I loved her Pork! the Chu Yau Char!(fried Pork lard) was so gorgeously yummy! I normally hate it but She really made my day with that dish! After the Sawadeekap Dinner,I went home to find...WATER FLOWING FROM MY FRONT DOOR!I arrived home before my parents,And opened the door to find my living room turned into a pool!

I quickly looked for the source of water,and found it coming straight from my roof! the stairs was a frickin WATERFALL! OMG like siau cheebai! My parents came home finally and was just so calm.In fact My mom just went up to shower as if RAINING INDOORS was normal.

My dad whom had too much wine from the dinner walked in.He looked at the floor with such a confused face..then he played in it like a little kid! he was doing the choo choo train walk thru the puddled floor. Then only did they realised that they should sweep the water out with brooms.I concluded that our reservoir on the roof had burst n the water was gonna flow for some time.They were too busy playing with the water to even think tat no matter how much they sweep,the water is just gonna keep on flowing.

The Nacho Libre in the pose of Venus's birth from the sea is my dad.I censored some life-traumatising sights from ur eyes.
Rose just rested her huge ass on the sofa as she swept.OMG i just realised there's SUCH a great similarity between the two pics! Rose looks like the pregnant lady beside Venus! LOL@!! LOL my fabulous ass off!

~hAiya im tired. TO BE CONTINUED!~

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