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Loh-bets & A Pang Of Penang

Loh-bets & A Pang Of Penang

*Roberts (LOH-bets)
a cantonese slang for a guy who pays for your expenses.A sort of suga daddy but does not require commitments of sex or relationship.Synonymous with Shui Yue (water fish)

Apparently there are other english names that have set meanings (i had no idea!).For example : Lulu means stupid naive girl who is easily cheated. That's all I know.

Its GREAT that my aunt Candy has lots of those.I'm no stranger to being the parasite of my Aunt's good fortune.LOL.Of course she invites me to share it with her.She may not be pretty but she sure has nice (RICH) admirers.

One good example is Mr'Crab.This guy brought us out for dinner and its amazing to see how masterful my aunt can get in manipulating him to belanja us.First,she said she 'heard' there was a nice seafood place nearby to eat.Next she asks him if he minds that she brings along a nephew (in a very hiau n helpless tone).Then she asks him to pick us up from the guard house (so as to make sure he doesn't know our exact location,and to guarantee future rides at the same time.GENIUS!). At the Restaurant which was somewhere near Assunta Hospital,We had the great delicious crabs and Fresh water prawn noodles! omg I tell you seafood is me-food now!

After finishing,Aunt Candy had to milk this sucker for all his worth! She already told me that she was even gonna get him to Ta Pau the fresh prawn noodles.But I had no idea how she was gonna do it without seeming greedy.SO her skillful art manifested.
Aunt Candy: Aiya,My aunt hasn't eaten anything yet! *cute face in distress* I should bring home something for her!

Mr'crabs :OH ok ok,get something for her la.What do you want to get her?

Aunt cunning Candy: "Oh What should I get?*acts like she has no idea* erm,Whatever is the nicest la (now she already knew this place was famous for the delicious fresh prawn noodles,thats y she reccomended it in the first place)

Mr' chopped Crabs: "Oh the Fresh Prawn Noodles la!"

My jaw drops* Amazing...Her feminine manipulative skills were trained to precision.As a result,a delicious meal for my whole family cuz the noodles we brought back were only available is servings for at least 3.(another part of genius on my aunt's side).

Mereka Merdeka (design merdeka or they merdeka'ed?)
On Merdeka day, I went with Rick to watch BENEATH STILL WATERS.I tell you it SUCKS! That show SHOULD BE beneath shit waters la.I can't believe there's still such fake acting,bad effects and idiotic characters tat still exist in today's movies.ANyway~
My aunt Candy had already booked me for a BBQ dinner on Jalan Yap Kwan Seng in Ampang.It was very near KLCC and had a good view for the midnight fireworks.An open air car park, Small barbeque pit and pot luck style buffet.Wasn't what I expected...

At first,I wanted to get out of there,But then AUnt Candy's friends came and we started to play games!YAY! now people,party games are loads of fun if you know wat to play.So we played Pass the Rubberband! everyone stood in a circle,each with a straw in their mouths and could only use that to pass a single rubberband.Whenever the music stopped n u had the rubberband,then ur straw would b cut in half.It's a great icebreaker game.We also played spin the bottle,and truth or dare.Till Midnight came and we prepared ourselves for flaming artfest in the sky...But...

WHAT THE HELL IS THAT>.the fireworks were so low and blocked by a stupid building tat we might as well not see it at all.In fact it just looked like the building was exploding and everyone is cheering it on.Hurrah Merdeka 9/11!

Pang of Penang

I left for Penang the next day in Another Loh-bets car.Aunt Candy called this one Dai Gau (Huge Piece).Me,Candy,Granma and Huge Piece went on our way to Penang,chewing up all roadside food stalls on the way there.
Upon reaching there,I realised I left my handphone in KL!so no pictures guys,sorray.
So Mainly it was just Eat,Crunch and Munch in a Bunch.My family's talent was to eat.When Our Family combines its voracious appetite,we become a Culinary blackhole.We swept through Gurney Drive and the streets right up to the End Of The World (actual name of restaurant in Penang)

The interesting things about Penang:
1.Penang's DVD's are CHEAP! only 4 ringgit each!
2.You have to speak to everyone in Hokkien or Mandarin,not many kno cantonese
3.Everyone hangs out by the beach
4.THe coolest hippest place is Gurney Plaza
5.The only place for clubbing is GLO
6.The BBQ chicken wings stalls also have Drumsticks!
7.The Apom is delicious!
8.The Char Kueh Tiow lacks salt
9.Everything there is spelt in Hokkien and strangely.Char Ger Tiau,Hee Tau Bee Hoon..
10.The map is a landmark of Museums and tourist attractions

THe only other special thing I did there was Jet skiing and Paragliding! Paid by Mr Huge Piece the Loh-bet.AMAZING lo this Loh-bet,not cheap at all u know to play these stuff,it was about 460 he paid for lots of meals.ANyway Lets imagine me on the jet ski =

BUahahah! wahahaha! A lizard on jet ski!cracks me up! CPK somemore,Cicak Punya Kenderaan wahahahwa.hah.LOLlipop. nola I was more like this=

It was a very free experience,Like riding a motorbike at top speed and smashin the ground.LOVED it. Then Paragliding=

It felt like sitting on a swing that was very high.Landing is a bit rough.DO NOT RIDE AS A COUPLE! u will crash into each other on landing.

Another special event was when I shopped at Gurney Plaza,there was a group of younger people on the escalator goin up to the next floor.I was looking elsewhere when they shouted in my direction "ROYCE! ROYCE!". My mom,my sister and I almost snapped our heads turning to look in their direction.We were just in time for them to disappear upstairs.I really don't know them at all,but I reasoned it was probably Rachell's friends or admirers.Like rach said "penang people are Kay Poh's"

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