Wednesday, 13 September 2006



I don't even want to care anymore.The reason why I've missed out on blogging for a week is that I've gone out too much and partied too much.So many things happening at the same time,So many friends with complicated crap emotions.

In simple terms = Drama Drama Drama

I last left you guys viewing a world of fun-ness and happiness and whatever.So fake wan loh!I mean of course what I said was true,but the other side leh? so many more things you didn't know. Actually all the blogs you visit are just a sad attempt to make their lives seem cool n eventful.When In truth,they are just hoping someone out there gives a cow's shit!

Things I've done? Why bother to put the same damn thing up? Clubbing x 3,Karaoke x 2,Not sleeping at home x 4 and Going crazy x thank you,skip NEXT!

Instead let me give you wise advise. Learn from Royce's mistakes so you can have a better (safer) life. Ok i aim for let's have a yum cha session with you now. erm,Let's have it in Secret Recipe,I love cakes anyway. *waves my hand and scene ripples into Secret Recipe.*

Aiya look at my siau lang face,oh watevar,Ok have a seat,I'm feeling damn bitchy today so be ready.

Everything is sooo salah lo lately,I was soooo wat the fuck in college,and all my planning has gone to shiiits! It's not just outings,its EVERYTHING LA! I promise everyone I will do this and that for them,in the end,everything crashes and die lo! ANd I feel so bad and Assholic for doing that.sien la! Lesson= learn to say NO to people and get your priorities straight!

ok to keep you from boredom and for the losers that usually just come to see pictures here are some.

wow,the hippopotamus-ness of my face amazes me loh.

I'm using all the salah pictures to express how I feel now. This Is May by the way,Her pose is saying "pick up your Rubbish now or i'll hang you upside down by the balls!HYAAAAAH!"

AH ma: "Aiya you sei old ham sap lo! Old and horny and corny! please la! smell my feet!
*turns around and looks at the guy in red*
Ah ma :" wey,leng chai~ do you wanna help out this sweet leng lui here? CUte ass you've got there!

the Three Halloween MASKeteers.

Aiya I must scold those who just came to see pictures. PET PET LA YOU! just go around look at pictures only and you don't even read what's happening! I should like just put Michael Jackson's Breast here also you won't know what's happening la!
And as for the rest don't act innocent hou moh! you are soo laughing at the expense of others! as if you never had a bad photo! WAtever! Lesson= learn to accept others for who they are! Judging others leaves you less time to understand others.

Ok,maybe this was a bad idea in the first place cause i'm sounding really 'chicken soup for the soul' here. with stuff like (If you want the rainbow,you've gotta put up with the rain),(it doesn't matter how hard you fall as long as you stand up again.) (You never truly fail until you finally give up).sien ah! go read the book if u want.

Bimbo Info
Ok in case some of u love to hear my usual outings,On wednesday morn went with Rach and Sabby to Spa day,felt refreshed and lovely.on thursday went Karaoke at Neway,now giving 3 free bottles of Kampai. Next day went Thai club with Fiona and her fren,A Dubai Guy brought us in for free.WEIRDNESS, we don't even know him and he was like super rich!gave all the bouncers 50 bucks each! siau chee buy!That nite was fun. Friday went Zouk first but couldn't get in to Velvet (Zouk very strict now and Velvet is 25 above for guys) sigh i look too young.thank goodness went back to Thai club and got drunk. Sunday hangover-ish and went with Fiona settlers + yumcha till morning then went straight to monday morn class.then went home crash burn and slept 18 hours. sooo watever.Next afternoon i woke up with 27 missed calls and fong fei kei'd my project group. I've also permanently changed my characther in just overnight. great. pet pet watever!

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