Sunday, 22 October 2006

Solace for the Soul

You Are Iris

You are an interesting blend of fun and wisdom.
You definitely make people think about themselves and their place in the world.
But they'll have fun doing it. You definitely epitomize laughter therapy.
You are a very enriching and entertaining friend!

Oh what Rubbish is this? I'm an Iris? The description's correct but I'm a bright purple girly flower...

Anyway its been long since I blogged.It's such a toll on my soul.although This is gonna b a heavy post. but I think U'll notice that i've tried to take a step away from hectic lifestyles and do things tat r more important.

Family Session
Like I said I'm trying to re-examine my life. So I spent more time with my family. But boy is it tough! everytime I go out with them I can't help but feel uncomfortable AND annoyed. that's not good.
As with my family,our most happening thing is FOOD.We were treated at the Japanese Restaurant in Tropicana,yay free food! loves it.

'I feel so healthy after Sashimi, and the Black sesame ice cream is highly recommended!

Then we were invited to the grand Opening of Dragon-I in Sunway pyramid.As you know it's Deeparaya now,imagine my surprise when I entered the Pyramid and heard the loud Took Took CHiang of a Liondance! I thought some chinese guy was frustrated that the chinese new year was left out,so he hired a liondance to even it out.

We pushed past all the kay poh ppl,we sat down to a mediocre meal of noodles n usual my family eats too fast for me to take a pic,so onli got a few.

the best was their siu long pau.loves it.

Fun with Friends
Me and Shidios oso decided to have a party! The deco's were made from Jack'o'Oranges and Antique Black spiders. *images taken from Shawn's blog*

We dressed up although I can't seem to get the pic of me in costume,we had my homemade Sangria,Played Charades and Saint or Sinner,Lots of chocolate binging.and slept over.

A blessed mess.

Kindness for Kids
For their Moral Project,the Shidios went to an orphanage to give them much needed joy of a Halloween party.
Everyone helping their lil partner to make a mask.

When we were done with the mask.

This is my lil partner Sabrina

We were winners of mummy making contest! *Chrystal enclsed within*

Cuteness!Ke ai

I was especially touched when this girl
(the one Shawn is looking at hornily)
came to Sabrina and said "Sabrina,you don't have a present ah? Here i'll give you mine." SOooo sweet loh!

Aww May looks so motherly

such touching moment.

Shaza and her cool masks.

teaching kids to play Dance Stop

the guys going nuts

Here's a whole album *all pictures courtesy of Evonne Chia and her DGSLR cam*
CLICK HERE for over 500+ pics of the event! the Album

Alrite I'll put these up first so u can have time to absorb it. Go do a good deed and feel Sparkly inside!

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