Thursday, 16 November 2006



Once upon a time, I went up to Genting with Aunt Candy and her bunch of Wonky Chocolate Factory friends. Upon arrival, The Genting Hotel entrance was jam-packed with beauty pageant ladies. Those darn pests!! where was the Anti-Pageant spray when you need it.

The Cheong Sam clad clones were enjoying some sort of attention, many taking pictures of them, like some sort of exotic animal.

Then, with skills to rival that of Casino Royceyale ZeeloZeeloSevan, I managed to slip pass security and enter the Genting Casino!! The unhumble abode of Uncle Goh Tong.

There were spinning lights, oh so bright. Dice tossed o'er yonder. Rows of three, pictures racing while zombies stare in wonder.
Bets started around 25 for baccarat and craps and other crap. Didn't really care. I loved playing on this Guess the dice thingy. Casinoes are sooo high tech nowadays, gamblers get a computer screen each (similar to the photo hunt machine) and u can place your bets there and watch the money rise *hopefully. I lost 30 bucks sadly.But actually felt very satisfied. guess I'm an un-sore loser...a healthy loser. YAY.

Lately I came to a realisation on why I'm sooo bad at remembering people's names. I find that I'm the type that views the world with -impressions. Each and every word is supposed to hold a meaning,but who gave these words meaning?cWho decided to take that red fruit from the tree and call it an apple? so that when you say apple, everyone knows what you mean. For me, impressions are my language. And I find it hard to remember the name of someone I do not know well,because I have no impression to fit to that name. just like how you would find it hard to remember a word you do not know the meaning of. AIYA try remembering FAKALACHUSARANDAN. Hard right? but if Id say FAKALACHUSARANDAN means (Pharque like a pikachu and run like a pondan) then you might remember it.

FOrest Spirit
Long ago,When the wolves howled at the full moon to remind it that it was All Hallows Eve. When Children ran the streets practicing open deception of their identities. A Coven known as the Shidios came together at the haunted mansion called Headquarters. I had been possesed by The Spirit of the Lost Forest, and brought along a jug of Woodward blood. made of murdered apples,Strangled oranges and mutilated grapes.I called it Sangria. We ate the sweet leftovers of my dead Cacao trees and celebrated our own deaths. Twas a morbid night.

Ok gotta go get obese.FAKALACHUSARANDAN!

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