Wednesday, 29 November 2006

More than I can say

More Than I Can Say

ok heavy post. So let's check what's been going on in my Bombastic life. My internet is down again. Thanks to my dad's lame secretary who paid the telekom phone bill and not our TMnet streamyx one.So this is now a blogger's vomit. Not in chronological order.

Colgate:The fake smile
for two weekends i've been working at the Giant Mall as a Brand Ambassador (like Sammie Cheng for SK2) .Ok not as great but it was something like this

So I promoted colgate products to everyone,all the while smiling till my cheeks needed botox. I can say that I actually enjoyed it. it wasn't hard at all. Except for those few people whose face would totally look like I grabbed his balls when I approached them. Man, I'm just gonna show you a few bargains, not like i'll stick the toothbrush in ur ass although I should have.The way they avoided me. You would have thought I held pure tooth decay in my hands.

One interesting example of customer idiocy is when I went up to this man introducing the promotion on our toothpaste it went like this...
Me: " Hi sir,have a look at colgates promotion, today we...*interuptted by wave of customers hand*.

Bitchy Guy: " *shows annoyed face* oh no i don't use that one. I only use Acropolis to brush my teeth.

I schooled my face trying not to explode into hysteric laughter. In my heart I thought-
(BWAHAHAHA,Pharqcology! It's called PROPOLIS You MORON! and looks like this

but you use acropolis to brush your teeth? This is Acropolis-
Yes you use the ancient temple of Athena to brush your teeth, I'm sure after smashing your teeth against the foundations everyday, it became whiter or something. It's nice to know that our Malaysian consumers have such creative ways of doing things.

I like Giant's Ice Room, there was like ice falling from a hole in the ceiling,so interesting. Like a strange and very badly planned snow-room. I wonder if there are snow sprites working up there or something.Why is it located above?can't the ice machine be downstairs? What nerd would give a Whole room's space to a small bluebox?Either someone is very stupid or they're hiding something.Ah,the great mysteries of life.Anyway this is something you will never get to see unless you work there.

So I made Loads of friends there. And we are very same channel type.Going together to Maison this Thursday! yayness!

*To Be Continued...

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