Monday, 18 December 2006

Barely On The Line

Barely On The Line

Forgive me my sweet readers who have hungered for my words,but I can barely get online. The world just does not allow me to blog nowadays. I have a ton of things to blog about, and I only got as far as my part-time work. GOSH that is soooo last millenia.
The events attended but unrecorded are -

Winson's Bday celebration at T G I Fridays.
I went to Curve to meet him and Dennis straight from my work We had a fun time chatting and catching up,and I told the staff to do the infamous and horribly embarassing birthday greeting thing for Winson. They made him stand on the chair (haha like primary school punishment) then make a speech on the pepper shaker 'mike'.They then rap-a-long to some retarded Thank God It's Farked tunes. It was very simple and sweet affair with only 3 of us.

Maison Nite Clubbing with Colleagues.
Out of 13 ppl that so-called 'confirmed' with me,6 of them Fong Farkin Fei Kei! The rest were my colleagues who i had only known for Two weekends.Gosh Loyalties = 0 !.Anyway, the crowd at Club Maison has really changed since I last went. It was PACKED! the last time i went was with Cyn n Fiona and we were complaining bout the lack of crowd. This time we barely had space to move. But I totally loved it,My colleagues were really sweet to me,it's nice to know acquaintances can also be super nice.

The Car crash that incapacitated my lil kancil.
Right after the whole nite clubbing and yum-chaing till the morn,My colleague dropped me to my car at 7something AM.\ and left. I drove my car out of the parking space, down the alley going out to the main road, looks left...Wow flaming peri peri Sunlight in my eye...look car, and...SMAAAASH!A ford Van rammed into my milo tin kancil crushing the side door and denting the tyres so deep it wouldn't turn anymore.Inside- my glove compartment jutted out awkwardly,reminding me of an internal organ spilling out.I looked at myself...not a scratch. So now I'm carless for weeks.

Rachell's Bday Party at Laundry Bar.
Rachell and Chic Clique plus Drewie, Ian and Rach and Sab's Boyfrens all met up at Laundry bar for a night of giggling fun. Poor Rachie had to down a Chemical (Laundry's strongest concoction), a Flaming Lamborghini plus multiple shots of Absolut Vanilla Screwdrivers.Needless to say, she was down for the count.Thank goodness her hero Eric was there to save the day and literally kiss her pain away.. aww man i'm good at rhyming. Then Eric dropped me home. THANX ERIC! sometimes not having a functioning automobile has its perks.

The Langkawi Trip,
WOW! is what came to my mind as I went for this trip because it was paid for by my dear Aunt Joyce, I did have a fun time with Tim- Armani Model and his friends (Syarina- J'adore Actress, Alea- Pro Supercamwhore, Linda- Smoker Extraordinaire and Seng Jo- Phak Vegetables Joker) hehe, I tell you the chalet we had was...BEAULINITY when we arrived after a 12 HOUR TRAIN RIDE! frickout! We had a Private Beach, a 24 hour Buggie transfer from chalet to Lobby.(HAH ultimate must for lazy lardballs like me). 4 days and three nights can become tiresome when you don't know where to go.So we pretty much sleep in the morns and come out in the evenings.Evening light is purrfect for taking pics with Linda's ProFashional Camera (tim word) You should see the stars! like God sneezed glitter all over the sky. LOVES it. Seafood there and transport is a RIPOFF! But oh mygosh, Chocolates liquor and Smokes are a STEAL! so Pharquing cheap! less than a third of prices here. *sniffles* spent way more than i should there.

The Sunway Lagoon trip wit Shidios,
After getting Tanned in Langkawi plus another 12 hour train ride, i arrived in KL at 8+ only to rush to meet the Shidios at Sunway Lagoon by 10am~ such rush. Thanx to my new chauffeur of a mother, I was able to make it. Thanx LoMo! May,Shawn,Ashlei,Evonne,William,Chrystal and me making 7 ppl had great fun turning a darker shade of brown there. i lost ten bucks in the pool for someone else to pick up (lucky asshog). The highlight was at the surf beach where they've apparently filled it with REAL sand.yucks. But overall the lagoon has really improved with a much more BEAChy feeling (i sooo wanted to say bitch...yay i said it!).

The Thai Club birthday party with Aunt Candy
(okie getting tired of typing) Erm yeah all my other frens couldn't go again so it was with Aunt Candy and 20+ of her gang at Thai Club. I had eaten before taking Lrt there (oh gosh,how far i've fallen), but when I arrived there, all of them treat me soooo nicely. i'll never figure out why they are so nice to me, they straight away offered me drinks, gave me condoms and shook my hands.How sweet is that! I felt more like the birthday person. So I was taking my drinks fast, wondering why i didn't feel the giggling rush of alcohol in my head, then it hit me. Oh my gosh i went up on stage and...did very salah things, even when I came down...ok memory erased! Then in Dai Gau's car when we were on the way home~ some drunk guy scratched against our car and we all stopped by the road. Drunk guy came out and started shouting at us, I have no idea what he said anymore but i was so pissed i just Scolded him like he were all over mah' space. The police came over and pulled him away, signaled us to go off cuz they'll handle him. Me and aunt Candy Hi Fived. woohoo such a feeling of triumph bra. went home n smashed on the bed.

Oh gosh. Im never gonna be able to catch up with all the details.Plus knowing my amnesiac ass,I've probably forgotten some stuff that happened.Oh yeah I went with Cynthia to Club Cynna. Aiya Watever-ness. As for pictures, I'll just have to make one post for just that. goshness. cya and

Merroyce Kissymas!

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