Sunday, 14 January 2007



Finally i've dumped all unblogged photos into the photobucket.

I wish to change my whole tone of blogging. Instead of dedicating so much of my posts for events in my life, I think I'm going to start on blogging more of my thoughts.

Trashing another blogger

I know this is just plain mean but I thought a good blogger would have better...Communication skills. Who would have thought the star blogger of Singapore (English Educated) would sound so Auntie Ah LIAN! - i'm refering to Xia Xue. A name I have heard quite often in the Blogosphere. However, I am truly shocked to hear her speak like that in this entertaining MTV-like show called Girls Out Loud.Only spoilt mainly due to XiaXue/Wendy's poor speech skills.
Have A look:
Dying Eye

On another note, my mom commented on a picture. She mentioned that if the iris of an eye leaves a large space of eye white below. It that means you have lots of problems with your life.

-Normal eye

-LifeProblem eye

Take note that both eyes are looking directly at you but the one living in a complicated world has an iris that floats upward towards the top, as if trying to hide from the world.

As my mom said "there see! The eye going inside already,like he rather die than see his life anymore."

I bought a Family from Langkawi. Loves them!

My Worst car Crash ever, just as I ended my P licence

But It was all because of the sunlight! I couldn't see the Ford Van that came from my left. Pharque

As the Tow truck took my car away, I was reminded of how a funeral lorry takes the coffin away. sighs. But my car's ok now! smiles*
You mere mortals please take my advice,Get a mechanic and a Chauffeur. makes life a beautiful drivethrough.
MEGAzine,MEGAyucks & MEGAmaul
The next adventure I'll be embarking on is my multiple suffering ASSignments. I'm rather excited about making my own magazine which I might publish right here when I'm done.I also have to design these disgusting tea packaging. ( whoever heard of Vanilla + Ginseng flavoured tea???). Plus! Create a product that has never existed in the market,come up with a marketing plan for it, and actually make the product by hand. ARRGH! * mauls lecturer till his intestines spill*
well,till the next time electricity runs through my laptop, Au revoir.

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