Tuesday, 23 January 2007

My Muses

My Muses

For a long time I've always been surrounded by close girl friends, and each of them are special to me helping me thru the rough, laughing with me thru the fun times. I'd like to dedicate this post to these girls that are now ladies and confirmed leaving or have left already.My muses.

To Sheryl who has already left our land of childhood, I thank you for opening me up, for being the first to make me realise what a best friend is.The longest best friend till now. and the years are still counting.

To Rachell who made me feel like a celebrity with her, as if the very road we walk on turns into a red carpet.Who helped me gain confidence and turned me from a worm to a social butterfly.Whom came down from Penang for my birthday!
To Sabrina who was there with me when I felt horrible,and also pui me to eat the foods i like.Who was always there to say sweet words and show compassion when I'm down.

To Cynthia the one whom I went out with the most and my conversation therapy.The amount of pictures we have together outnumbers all others.And whom was there for me even when I didn't realise it.WHom brought me up to genting when I felt down.

To Fiona,My pet pet and cheesepie friend-The one with the most happy PLU friends.Whom got so close to me in such a short time but whom will remain in memory for long.
Sorry this is quite short but I will always remember the times each of you guys spent with me, the laughs the jokes, the gossip and our thoughts shared.It is worth living to have experienced it. Hope that we will once again be allowed to be as close as the past.

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