Thursday, 22 February 2007

Life Rewrite

Congratulations everyone, Royce has decided to just let loose and go crazy
(warning, severe contradiction and insanity ahead.may not make sense,18sx and totally backside)

So I'm currently at a point in life where I feel like there's not much more i can look forward to. You get what i mean>? remember how when we were young we were just looking forward to the first time we would drive? the first time we would try alcohol,watch 18sx movies, go clubbing,stay up all night and all the lovely taboos of a child. But now,I've done it all and there's not much more that's new.
As a child that has never tasted anything before, You would be excited to taste anything, anything at all! and when u first taste the flavours of a delicious item (Bak kut teh, Seafood mee,curry chicken,Sashimi,Foie gras,rib eye steak,chocolate,Green Tea Frappucino, French Vanilla Ice cream......gosh i should stop.) You can't help but feel like that's the most amazing and unexpected thing you've tried. Now that we are adults and arrived at the dreaded )))20((( Leong cheong la! and no longer a teenager, we have experienced enough to spoil all surprises. We can roughly predict a new experience and how it would be like.


A baby won't know what Sweet or Sour would taste like. It wouldn't know if a cotton candy was supposed to taste sweet or like the cloth on the floor it was happily chewing a while ago. Whereas adults would know candy= sweet and expect the resultant taste.

I feel that life has become expected.
makes me feel like doing something KRAZAY!

I find it difficult to express myself lately, its such an emotional constipation.

So instead of experiencing new things for myself, I turned to helping others experience the new. Therefore I have my protégés from the Shidio, bringing them to virgin clubbing, Settlers and all that. yay feel happy cuz the kissytal said tat everywhere i bring her is always fun and exciting.
Its nice to know your experience benefits others.

I wonder what is the next level of excitement for me. Like many of my friends, we all possess the quality captured so well in a chinese proverb - 3 minutes hot degrees- meaning passionate and excited about something for only a while. So while I like it when things get hectic. I'm like the event generator in the SIMS, the havoc maker, the Ta'veren in The Wheel of Time series. I think this time I'm gonna have to trigger something instead of waiting for it.

Getting Japanese lessons soon! weeee ARIGATO Mr Robutt-o!

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