Thursday, 5 April 2007

Reworking the kinks

Reworking the kinks,
well, according to cynthia, my blog was barely interesting to her, she would only look at the pics on the last post. haih she's such a sien person lor. :P/ I find it funny that we complained about this person...and how sad that ugliness is added on to ugliness! AWAHAH Farnee.

Okie i'm feeling bitchy and witchy now because I have a severe lack of sleep. My mind is wandering around feeling strange. I'm so glad for the support of music and all those who have donated music to me. ahha yes, i feel like Mp3 beggar.

I think alot on what Samantha and Shaza and Cynthia said, about how they liked my way of writing inside the green book. Thinking back on the past, I guess i really paid alot more attention to myself. I listened to myself a lot more. I knew exactly how i felt about stuff.Plus I was in love and of course in those days, i had several crushes. I knew my writing didn't go further than who i chose to give my book to. Of course Cyn demanded it like it was a newspaper or sumtin. But what has changed is nonetheless changed. i miss it, but can't repeat it no matter how much i want.

I love looking back at the past once in awhile, look back at certain milestones that you've collected, that make you feel warm n fuzzish ( touching sentimental background music increases effect!). I looked through my friendster testimonials, and once again thought of all the sweet moments with people i've been close with. The funny feelings for a friend, a crush, Frenemies (lol). the whole experience. And nearing the station of the big 20. I hope i can get off the train of aging without regret, without the need to go back, but harbour the hopes of going forward..

Keep Moving Forward~ (hee hee, I love Meet The Robinsons!)

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