Monday, 2 April 2007

Stop The Tick Tock

Stop The Tick-Tock

tick tock tick tock, the clock won't stop. Time runs past me as i chase my days into the night. The sagging skin darkens below my eyes, the shadow of a doubt, a shadow that drags-down-south. i wonder why does the Tock rush after the tick. It should gently creep in a petty pace. I shout and I pout and i breathe through my mouth.

but Nay, Father Time seems to be an unfailing sprinter. With Tick on his left foot and Tock on his Right.

Okay, that was my attempt at being creative..ahah I know Sooo fail lor. ok so I've got lots to catch up on and SOoo many interesting things to tell you about. I better hurry then. tick tick tock.

Months ago...yes it's been months, three new restaurants opened up at Tropicana. Of course, it was my grand duty as the official food connoisseur to visit ALL of them.

Cuisine Studio - Le French Cuisine

The setting was very foreign with lots of wines and pharquing salty cheeses and strange hors d'oeuvre s. But my family agreed that the dish of the day was the Lamb Shank, and the steak and Duck (de poulet? de sumtinfrenchbullshiats) are tied in second. And i'm not a fan of pasta.
Overall, a decent place for those with a taste for refined foods. The specialty of this place however is the concept. The place has a (entertainment+ cooking class+ events) room.

You can have a birthday or just entertain your friends and then take cooking lessons here. Great concept.

Spice Garden - Northern Indian Food (high class mamak)
Surprisingly, I enjoyed this meal thoroughly, from their weird fried patty things to the sauces. My mom loved the masala tea and we all loved the excitement of all those spices in our palates.
Indians are sooo talented with curry and yogurt and other dairy products. No wonder their god is a cow. Praise you Nandi.

Momotaro Yakiniku - Japaneseku Sushi-ku Aku Loves-it-ku.
(in Chinese Characthers - The Peach Boy)
This Japanese restaurant had already previously been visited by our family and this time we revisited it with the knowledge of what to order. It's still as fun as the last time where you get to watch ur food cook right in front of you (so that you know them biatches didn't spit in ur food). And i still get a kick out of seeing the waiters pick up the grill right off the flaming barbeque without any shock. (it's like fricking Claire Bennet from Heroes!)

Besides these places, I've also been to My dad's frens punya shop
Jarrod & Rawlins

In fact , I went there twice, the first we my dear Fi-poo and the second for Jono's Bday. So I've got lots of stuff to reccomend.
I remember these dishes more clearly because they are outstanding and more recent.
Their number one dish on my list is the Cheese Mushroom thing!
Aiya crap can't remember the names.Not even sure if this is the right pic.LOL looks more like pie. Oh well.
Lovely Sundried Tomatoes
I loved their Pork knuckles! or is this the pork chop? anyway BOTH were damn good! the devil gets horny for them!!.
The deserts were not bad, I love their pecan ice cream though.

Then there is this!

as Shaza would say " What kind of Crapshit is this!" - well shaz, this is a foot long, or body long german sausage. Totally salty and similar to what it looks like.

Besides these exploits I've also recently seen a PONDAN show!
Drag queen scene

"AAAaaaaaaaaahhhhh (bird whistles)" ahahah can't you just imagine the Mariah Carey bitch pitches and Whitney Houston dramatics. LOL. LMAO! le miau. It was really entertaining to see the whole range of human expression on this number. Be glad i'm not showing you how short Her...ahem...His skirt was.

The Eye of Malaysia. - Mata Malaysia

What the hell is that you ask? well people, It's just a glorified ferris wheel

Set in the middle of Titiwangsa's smelly lake. It is sooo not worth your time going there. I'd advice you to spend your money at Genting, or better yet, spend it on me. This so called Eye of malaysia proves that this whole country is BLIND!. yes, we've got traffic issues, environmental pollution and tons of critical matters in need of attention and what do we do?! we make a rolling piece of crap in the middle of nowhere. Another great achievement for us, We discovered the Ferris Wheel!

OK thats all for now .. See ya later ppl.

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