Sunday, 18 March 2007

Mommy my dear,Mommy I fear

It's not that I don't love my mom ever so dearly, it's just that, sometimes she amazes me with how ... absent minded she can become.
(taking attendance in class : "sarah!" -here! "Lilian!" -here, "Laici's mind!" -"Absent!!)

®oŷ©ε - Roysobusy®™ says:
yesterday my mom oso

®oŷ©ε - Roysobusy®™ says:
she ask me why the modem is spoilt

®oŷ©ε - Roysobusy®™ says:
i said, the modem is not spoilt, its just tat ur laptop cable wiring is loose, so cant sense it.,.

®oŷ©ε - Roysobusy®™ says:
then my mom the dumb blonde is like,.. "so..means its burnt la>?" i said "NO! its not burnt! the wiring is lose."

*~+cyN tHia+?~* says:

®oŷ©ε - Roysobusy®™ says:
then shes like.." I dun understand, if its not burnt..then why is it spoilt>?"

*~+cyN tHia+?~* says: so funny lo

®oŷ©ε - Roysobusy®™ says:
then im like " AIYA! yala! the whole thing is burnt la!"

*~+cyN tHia+?~* says:

Another experience with my ever so carefree mother.

Besides that, I'm currently buried in the amount of project work I have this Term. I look around me at those NOT drowning. I envy Cynthia,Sheryl,Fiona,Rachelle,Sabbie,Teresa and all the rest who are off far away in another country starting a new life there. I look at Kissital and wonder how she keeps her head when she has even more responsibilities than me. I look at Shaza and Samantha and yearn to have their free time,so that I can concentrate on one thing at a time instead of having to chew down a whole Mc donald's Factory straightaway. I look at my classmates for some direction on how we can make the workload lighter....and this is what I get

May says:
we meeting mayb till around.................................................
May says:
May says:
nono wrg
May says:
start at 10 till dawn
May says:

Crapshit!- oh well At least i can go back to my memories and relive them. how i love last Thursday's mad clubbing session at maison, where my summoning and invitation managed to bring up to 20 ppl along, least 10 were my friends. Aunt candy and her fren came as well. so, felt very A good change of rhythm in my ever head-pounding life.

Things still on hold :
  • Rebuilding of ex-club.
  • planning for Prom committee.
  • completion of 5 HUGE projects.
  • proper set up of secret society for new Trinity..(hahah bet u dun understand)
  • Buying a new bed --(oh well don't really need it since i havent been home for a week and live like a nomad anyway.).
  • recycling then paper mountain on the shelf
  • find a life partner
  • catching up with old friends
  • upgrading laptop and so on
  • Losing my fat ass thats also gettin painfully numb now.
  • buying future essentials
  • plan my life.
Anyway- i've got to run off again, my fren has got to go out.. can't hide here for much longer.see ya!---Nomad Royceontherun-

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