Monday, 12 March 2007

Be A You Tea (Beauty)

I love this short clip. i totally agree with the final tagline. No wonder our sense of beauty is distorted, i mean come on! since when are people so beautiful? beauty should be about Being yourself- hence my rather lame title (Be a YOU tea) ok so the tea part doesnt make sense...

anyway lately i am gaining weight people!!! AAAAAHHH ( shit bouncing off the walls y'all!) cause i've been feeling stressed out by college work and sufferin. so best cure = EAT.

Terribla. But I do obsess over my looks alot. especially when its so obvious that SO many of my friends are beautiful! yes you are deary! you who are reading this.. many consider you good looking and unique. I really don't kno why I have so many good looking frens but I sure doesnt help my self- confidence much.. I feel intimidated. i don't think i'm ugly, but neither am i gorgeous. yet, i can't help but agree that the world is biased when it comes to image and what's on the surface.

ok sorry..will continue__

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