Monday, 14 May 2007



I guess for the past week or so, I've pretty much been hiding in my lair of a room. Busy on my laptop downloading, watching shows, playing games. Syoknya syoknya ada laptop.

So highlights were things like gaining immense power in ragnarok. completing downloads of Heroes till episode 21. Getting lots of new songs. Drawing lots of sketches and starting a new fiction story (gonna be a long time to complete)

I'm now at the part of my life where I have to make loads of decisions for my life's progress. I felt kinda sucky when I heard my sister blurt out of nowhere (probably reading some kinda bible quote crapshit) -'The poorest man is not one without money, but one without dreams'. Haih! I felt so poor after hearing that. But at least I have a sketch of an idea for my dreams. Literally a dream I had when I was 14, I dreamt of my 21st birthday, and that it would absolutely perfect and filled with happiness.

The only 'event' i went for was mother's day celebration at a really yummy Thai restaurant called the "Basil Leaf".
Table packed.

The interesting starter was a display of spices that u had to wrap in a piece of leaf then eat it. Like some asam laksa pohpiah.

Everything was so spicy and exciting. THere was so much that the table was lost under the plates.Unfortunately,the meal gave me a hell of a sore throat.The whole meal was 900+ i heard. cheesin! But there were like 13 of us la. But that's ridiculous for Thai food.

I also went genting many sun cycles ago. 9 of us took the lrt to KL sentral, then a monorail, then a long walk, then a bus, then a cable car to Genting.
Talk about a siau cheesepie long trip~! and the same to get back too.

I loved:
The corkscrew roller coaster ride
The Ship ride (especially when I stood up)
The parkouring at the car park where it seems like we are in heaven.
The company and the singing in cable car.
The exercise on the boat pedal ride

I hated:
The closing of Solero Shot! how could they!
The half an hour wait for maintainence of Corkscrew.
The wait for any of the rides.
The price of everything in genting.

And these are some pictures of Camerons from JT. He also did some pretty creative works on them.
shaza (bunny mode)

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