Monday, 21 May 2007

Secret Diary of the Stressed Prince

The Secret Diary of the Stressed Prince

(an entry taken from the secret diaries of the stressed prince)

March 2, Friday


" Once again I have not slept the whole night and i have my ever trusty lecturer, Leon the Lion, a powerful hypnotic speaker, to make sure my head acts like a ding dong bell, nodding throughout the class. The world is not satisfied with my efforts now. Everything I do seems to be unfinished to somewhere around crappy. I feel sick as Shrek! green fats, ogreness and all. My stomach probably has a rat dying inside. Gosh the lecturer is now talking about death...aiya what has this gotta do with magazine? need to give my life away to finish this project meh? Aiya I very annoyed now! the rat in my stomach is Scratching! dun care! i'm gonna write into Saturday. so not important. Miss my girls- hate my feelings and lameness of self. Hates handwriting. headache x_x Urgh!!
Okla, fine, the idea is quite cool la, makes me feel like doing my creative writing again. When will I have the time again?~~~~~~~~~ Problem is that problems won't go away."

March 6, Tuesday

Siren with the Sore Throat-

" Hi! another day. Another tiring day...I feel odd. People around me acting odd. odd ball. I think that certain things need change. I'm tired of myself. hey Jewel, how you doing? SHUSH la you fool!
How does my life work now? what is it i want? family is at low, work does not matter to me, I'm just going one day at a time, but not going anywhere. I miss being in love...
cry cry cry....Sien -----
It's been a long time since i wrote diary entries like the past. When my words were fun and exaggerated. Now I feel like a watered down version of myself. Thoughts run wildly in my head nowadays, perhaps it's the lack of sleep. i think a lot about people around me. but on unusual and bizarre stuff. so whatever. This is Tuesday Royce."

These were my past thoughts during march, it has been quite a stressful term, am glad to be over it. Now something to lift spirits up

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