Thursday, 24 May 2007

Secret Diaries part 2

March 10, Saturday

First Meeting of Venus Agenda

March 11, Sunday

" Such a sien day. I realise what Shaza said was true, home is where you make it, My home is sooo not with this family. Gosh I'm soooo irritated with this family. More and more, increasingly they do not listen to me, It's like I'm made of fog or something. As if my existence is fading. And they don't even care!"

March 20, Tuesday

"I hear the symphony of a million drops of water falling to the ground. Each watching the earth below widen till each reaches its destination,wherever it may be.
The puddle shimmers as the light of street lamps reflected,turn into sparkling lace. The lightning sends a reverberation of light and sound through the air for miles around and miles away. Each rain drop touches something, washing away the footsteps of friends who walked quietly through the park, washing away the flower that fell from the little girl's sun kissed hair. Washing the ink off a discarded love letter, bleeding away like the heart of the writer.
Yes, the rain touches many things; including the deepest part of me."

And I've also started a story which I will abandon in place for a different story but here's just a snack bit.

“Mae, wait up!” called Dylano as his dark auburn hair flew wildly behind him.

She paused to turn, hearing the familiar voice behind her. A look of surprise swept across her face. It was unusual that anyone looked for her, let alone one of the Populars.

“I need to ask you something” He panted. “Will you be heading to this Summer’s Self-Seek Camp?”

She nodded while frowning. She had been forced to join the camp because her parents were concerned about her. It wasn’t that she was unfriendly or anything. The best way to describe her was…unconventional. She would sometimes yearn for company, then the very next instant detest it, hoping for utter silence.

Dylano considered her expression but decided not to comment on it. “Well, I’m glad you are. You see, my parents won’t be around to send me to the camp, so I was hoping your folks could let me hitch a ride.” He smiled at her in question. She stared back at him, considering all the implications of this request. She must have thought a little longer than she intended because he was giving her a weird stare, as if wondering if she were that slow.

“Oh, sorry.” She looked down and scuffled her feet. “I’ll have to ask my parents about it, but I can’t guarantee anything.” She looked at him again from under her full eyelashes.

“Sure thing, I don’t expect any promises yet, just thought I’d try my luck. I heard this year’s camp is going to be one to remember. They’ve got all sorts of activities planned for us. They even invited someone from Stylehaven…

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