Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Of the day

Of The Day

Word of the day


A mound of stones erected as a memorial or marker.
Middle English carne, from Scottish Gaelic carn, from Old Irish.

Event of the day

Went shopping with Grandma and family, so grand...
Ooh so in love with this perfume now - Paul Smith's Story!


Paul Smith Story, a fragrance for men inspired by the designer's "passion for books", will launch this September: (Gosh I wanna be a nerd now.)

Story's juice, concocted by Givaudan's Natalie Gracia Cetto, is based on a vetiver note from Haiti. It also comprises top notes of grapefruit, bergamot and green ivy. At the scent's heart are jasmine and green rose notes, while modern musks, mineral amber and cedarwood notes are in the drydown.

and after I smell it, the first
thing I think of is ( "PHARQUE I LOVE IT!)

Joke of the day!

My msn chat with Geri - the salahness I will highlight in red.

i know it's hard.. but it's okay says:
we want you back....T_T

®oŷ©ε - Roycircles®™ says:
wah so sweet ah?

i know it's hard.. but it's okay says:

i know it's hard.. but it's okay says:

i know it's hard.. but it's okay says:
the class really boring without you lor

i know it's hard.. but it's okay says:
somemore i like to talk to you mah

®oŷ©ε - Roycircles®™ says:

®oŷ©ε - Roycircles®™ says:
well. i have to take time of to plan my future and relook at my life

®oŷ©ε - Roycircles®™ says:
i think this break is good for me..

®oŷ©ε - Roycircles®™ says:
can kacau till ur pants drop

®oŷ©ε - Roycircles®™ says:

®oŷ©ε - Roycircles®™ says:
salah person.. sorry

---AHAHAHA how hilarious is that , I totally didn't realise I sent that by accident to geri. Oh well.LAWL.

Mystery of the day

I don't know why, but ants keep coming out of my hair!!! I don't know where they come from, I've check thru my room, but no trail of ants, in fact, no sign at all! maybe my brains is just a network nest of ants! GAAAAAAAAAHH!

Sweetness of the day

Today- Junn tseng,Dennis,Alvin, May and Geri all contacted me to check on how I am. So sweetness lor. I feel so bad now, I never return enough sweetness. Here People! Swweetts to u! cotton candy! sugar puff flies! Bon Bons and such. ARGH!! more ants in my hair!!!! too much sweet talk!!!

News Of the day

I've gone off to Club Med~ I know! omg, gonna load myself with cocktails -magaritas,cosmos,pina coladas, screwdrivers, white russian, Sex on the beach, sex on the bar, sex on the reception, sex while bungee jumping... you know.
Won't be back till ...TILL I SAY SO!

End of the day

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