Saturday, 2 June 2007

The Return

The Return

I'm baaack, time to update. The last one was such a bore, gosh you people actually read that poop. Poop! I've got tons of photos which i shall only partly post. I think most of it should go into photobucket. oooh sienness, gonna wake all nite posting up the pics.

Current Interest-
Looking for 90's Song... I've been happying squeezing my brains and limewire to find all my old favourites.. I feel such a thrill when I find it! this is my latest catch! weeee

Funny Thought
Why is it when we are angry, we say we're pissed off? Do they piss in our pants when they're angry? Did someone get pissed on when they were mad? Or the guy pissed off his aim from the toilet bowl and got mad? -such weird expressions we use.

Club Med
Let's talk bout the beaches and the biatches. I was terribly excited about this trip since the last time proved to be such a LIFE experience for me. Plus this time, I get free flow of alcohol! (such a salah reason to be excited)

With childish exuberance, I hopped in front of the counter to receive the blessed gift of the gods! I'll call it, "The Ambrosia Bracelet" !! imbued with the power to make all bartenders heed your wishes.

With it neatly tied to my hand ,I ran to my room to dump all my luggage like a sack of potatoes. I didn't even notice the beauty of the room till later.

Off I flew from my chalet straight to the bar, and proudly said " I'd like to have some drinks please." ,That was the start of many memorable cups of joy. I literally
tried to put all the contents of the bar through my bladder. All the lovely Cocktales -

Most memorable are the Planter's Punch and Paradise, as well as my fav pina colada.

Besides booze, I was looking forwards to peace and tranquility.

But my inner peace was brutally ripped out of me when I joined the Dance Dance Revolution contest that they had on.

By the end of it, I was so furious I was smashing away my thoughts on the keypads of my phone before I forgot. this is what i typed -
( OMG! damn mung. They were havin this dance game, then Me n rose mah join lor. I tot tat it'll b fun n all. Then after i finished, thinking I did well. I saw da score to my disappointment, it was so low.So i asked the gamemistress, i tink da points r da foot count. Then she sed "yeah we will pick da 3 best from here and then maybe they'll go into the finals." - I was thinking, R U RETARDED woman..I said the points are foot count! so i said. "but u see its unfair, cuz da song I picked had less steps." Then she got bitchy witchy with me n sed " Look, if u know so much then u shouldn't pick da beginners song. its not fair u kno."
For awhile I was too stunned to say anything.Shocked at her pure rudeness to a Club Med guest and her accusation. How was I supposed to know da song I chose was a beginners lvl? As my reaction caught up with me, my anger built up to a fury! I tried to glare a hole through her, to burn her wit rage. That haggard clone of Michael Jackson's monkey! Major chibai sing!. But by that time, she was walking around helping other contestants while I stood there seething in hatred. I couldn't explode now after such a long pause. that would just make me seem major slow. So I just stood there and glared at the screen, imagining the many ways I could have had my outburst...and then, walked home to my room

GOSH I'm so lame!!! Hate that I'm so slow to get angry!!! Pharquhar~!

Watever I tried to get over it by having my own fun. So I tried to take cool jumping photos...


And you all know how I love doing new things, or at least try to. I managed to fit quite a few activities into my schedule before I left.

( Enya's Orinoco Flow starts to play ... bum bam, Sail away, sail away, sail away,) tiring. Rose looks like she has a giant penis.

Bungeeeeeeeeeeeeee Weeeeeeeeeeeee!

Getting some nice help from the GO. real nice.
Spiderman, or strange thongs man.

I STILL prefer ice skating.
The new black elf archer... improving too.

The Buffet of club med.

Deck the halls with Joy and Lolly! there were surely mounds of mouthwatering food here. endless supply of wine and intercontinental choices.
The EAting Hall is always filled with food, Breakfast to Lunch to Dinner- it don't stop! I can only wonder where does all the leftovers go.


Look at the thickness of that SALMON! look at it!!!! Frizzling Fishes and Funky foods, it could be like the most gorgeous replacement for a burger patty, I GORGED myself.

Finally candi shots.

ANd Joke of the post- If only i had such a wonderful teacher.

Finally done!

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