Tuesday, 26 June 2007



I hate the world now. I can't believe it. When I got the news, I just sat down in shock for half an hour, seriously. I felt my mind grab for some shred of reality as the wide chasm swallowed my hopes.

At first, it felt like things were moving too fast to get to Australia. But now there has been a 7 month extention to wait! initially they thought that I had completed my diploma of 3 yrs here instead of the 2 yrs. So when they sent me my offer letter granting 1.5 yrs exemption, I flew to prepare everything. Now that they've discovered their mistake. It seems that I shall only have 1 years exemption but also that I'll only start next year! in Feb! 2008! When I'm a old hag!

This is not happening, not happening. I keep trying to deny it in my mind hoping some godlike miracle will happen.

I keep picturing the RMIT workers taking up my application and saying "Hey! come on let's give this guy a break, he deserves to come here now."

I imagine the next 7 months of waiting...WHAT AM I GONNA DO!???? definitely will be made to find a job... siau chee bai. Uragh---7months..7months...can make a baby liau in that time.

I imagine how i practically LIED to everyone I've met and ignorantly told them with a dumb smile on my face "Oh I'm leaving to melbourne...what?... Oh when will I be leaving? well in fact, I'll be leaving next month in July, the early part of july."

Well look at me now! I can't tell you the shame and disappointment I'm feeling. THE VERY THING I WANTED TO AVOID! I kept my leaving secret so I could avoid this kind of announcement - failure scenario. And it happens.

Maybe it won't be so bad having 7 months break...And maybe they will call and say this is just a badly planned joke. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Ok chill bill. Think carefully Royce. ok ok I can achieve other goals in this 7 months. These are the times when i am young ,So I shall work on my health. I have strength to live wild while I can. Winson is also taking 6 months break, so got some one to pui me. Shaza will be around and quite free too. Shidios can play with me when they are not dying from projects. I managed to get a load of stuff in preparations to go there. and now i have more time to prepare. (attempt to comfort self- FAIL!)

PHARQUE~ now have to explain to every single person who asks about it. lan chi jiau bai! Nah people! now you can quote my SOB Story to everyone and learn NOT TO ANNOUNCE before ABSOLUTE confirmation! RUGH! Mold on your private parts!

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