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Roysong: 表白 (confession) - Elva

I know I seem pretty down nowadays. But please do understand that its more of a frustration.
I would describe the current situation I'm in to be called - Constipated Life.

As we know constipation is never a good thing. It holds back...what needs to be released. When you put life in replacement of shit. That's even worse! I thought I had a direction, finally a dream I could chase like all those corny morny books would describe - "And after the long struggles of his life, it was all worth it as he achieved his dream."

As for now, I'm certainly in a foul mood as not only am I deterred from my new found dreams, I prevented from ANY plans, backup or emergency plans. Because I still have to wait for an answer from RMIT, who adamantly refuses to even give me even a hint of their final decision. URGH! so frust! Furthermore, they're pushing the announcement day by day. That's why I still have no confirmation and stuck in a Life Limbo. ANd I'm seriously annoyed with the questions of " So how's it? how did It go>? cause honestly, I have no answers! ARGH! so frustrating can die!"

Thankfully, certain things have been set in motion, let's just say options for the near future are a job in sunway, an internship at some ad agency or a 6 month work-stay in Surrey, England. But alas, none of them even seem real now.

Another problem is I'm gaining weight!!! oh gosh such salah salah things! Don't want! someone help me! my tummy has really bulged already! that is serious ok! normally my problem areas are the hips and BUTT. urgh. so now just double cholesterol everything.

First Prom
So as always, to get my mind off dilemmas I always look for beautiful distractions. And i found it in a Prom organised by Help University. Thanks to Tim's invitation, it was an experience to see how your peers would present themselves in a formal occasion. i'm glad to say that the word formal is being broken down by our generation as jeans and funky accessories are the new "formal". I've always rooted for a more whatever-goes world.

The prom was a buzzing sit down dinner at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. EVERYONE was camwhoring. Honestly its like, I wonder how many pictures were taken in the space of that hour. But besides that, the food was blah, the crowd was very wannabe and I guess my life has been blessed that I've been to events that are so much better than this. So by comparison, it's just ---Ok. But for a college prom, I guess its exceptional? who knows. Thanks Aunt joyce for paying the fee of 120. Your sweet gesture beat it all.


I realised that Sailormoon is soooo muslim! Look at their Items!

I mean, either the construction workers were watching sailormoon when they built this. (It just shouts "Home of Sailormoon")

or Sailormoon should actually look like this-

Actually, I think she looks so much better with a conservative look instead of her usual hooker schoolgirl fetish uniform.

Speaking of muslims, this reminds me of the time when me, Ashlei and Samantha tried to imitate this
FAIL! I look like a ninja only. And together we look like the sum pat mak cik association.
Oh oh omg damn cute, stole from shidio blog.. Whatevar

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