Friday, 29 June 2007



Sitting here, feeling fat and useless will always invoke one very common desire in everyone.

To be beautiful! *theme song of Nip/Tuck starts*

So I was watching E! channel the best channel on Astro now and they were sharing Divine Beauty Secrets. The top 20 beauty product list! I just couldn't help but record down these brands of perfection in a bottle to smear on your skin. The first 5 is crap so I'll start at 15.
(ps: this can be considered my christmas or birthday gift list)

15.Pout -lip liquid
14.Oscar Blandi -Jasmine Hair Oil

13.Ojon -Hair Care

12.Tracie Martyn - Beauty product line

11.Wen - cleansing conditioner
10. ----Missed it cause was dreaming of perfection-----
9. Estee Lauder - Perfectionist [CP+]
8. Nars - Body Rub
7. Christian Dior -Skin Flash Radiance
6. Elizabeth Arden's - 8 hour skin cream

5. L'oreal Refinish -microdermabrasion in a bottle

4. GoSmile - teeth whitening stick

3. Cle de Peau - Concealer

2. Natura Bisse - Inhibit

1. T3 hair dryer (ionic hair dryer with crushed gems in it!)
* I'm particularly fascinated with those highlighted in purple*
*images taken from

Calling RMIT

yes calling that Raw Meat Institute of Technology is such a hassle. due to my upside down sleep time,I had to stay up till 10 am watching Desperate Housewives just so can catch them at 12pm. When they should be most active cause- its just before lunch break.
This is how I felt about it as I told Tim on Msn.

"L I T I M: says: aiyo. btw just so u know, contacting uni's are a pain i contacted coventry and all that (by email is the worst)

®oŷ©ε - Roystrikes back®™ says: er... hello im the one with like experience here cuz goin thru it right now .
yes i think i know.

"L I T I M: says: haha yes as in, i meant like.. if it helps.

®oŷ©ε - Roystrikes back®™ says: so just call directly n first off say "Im from malaysia!"

then they'll like say "omg! you have phones?!"


so for now, there's still no news on whether I'm saved or stuck. But till next time. Au revoir.

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