Monday, 10 September 2007


On the Journey to and from Crowns Casino. We were such a bunch of happy little troopers playing "America's Next Top model" wannabes. We camwhored with No SHAME!
Did We care when people stared at us and marveled at our narcissism?
"Oh, were you taking a pic of me?" (the act like your not holding the camera style)

We didn't even bat an eyelash when we almost got run over by a tram~

The best part came when we were randomly taking shots,and a tram with a brightly lit sign (RESTAURANT) stopped in front of us. Fiona clicked and~ TADAA
Goodness Gracias! you cannot believe the big hoo haa we made after we saw that photo.
I was shouting at the tram to freeze in its tracks, while Fiona desperately clicked her the buttons of her camera phone like mad.
HW jus wondered wat the hell was happening and went back to making Teddy Bear impersonations for his pics.

But it was SO worth it~
(plus I won 20 bucks!yay!)

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