Sunday, 9 September 2007

Oz Aus

I wanted to just write everything on paper as a post, but my handwriting sucks so bad that your eyes may bleed from extended periods of looking at it.

GOSH I so want to design my own blogskin but Soooo no time. I seriously need to get this blog organised lor, look at those archives- I just copy pasted it so it never really updates itself as i post.Besides-I feel that my social life here is picking up,which is a great thing of course. But that also means less time to blog.

I really love my blog, I want it to become famous,I want to be famous. I really don't understand why pet pet people like Xiaxue can become popular honestly. (xiaxue if you're reading this,you KNOW i'm just as good as you or probably better) LOL. im such a Beetch

goodness gracias, I have so much to update you on that you should just be psychic. Basically I've been going out lots with Fiona and HW. Here is a pic of their spontaneous camwhoring in the middle of Bourke street after having lunch.

The Shockanaden thing was that the owner aunty had thought that me and Fiona were SIBLINGS!! But after thinking about it, I can see why~
Perhaps its like that phenomenon where like things tend to become similar when they are around each other too much. EXAMPLE:

  • Dogs and their Owners
  • Husbands and Wives
  • Female best friends whose period cycle change to coincide with the other.(This is true ok!)

Ok maybe that was a bit out of the context.Whatever...I'm still right.

LOOK! I am proud of my latest experiment, purple pen + purple highlighter =
Ok that's all for today. I miss Fiona's mother! omg how salah is that! Miss u too Momsy, If you ever ever read my blog. (which I sooo hope you don't)

Bye the rest of you! Keep on missing me. ~ Roycelicious

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