Tuesday, 4 September 2007



My dad just sent me a really important and Life awakening email- The caloric calculations of food.

Urgh, I get the HINT dad. Oh how subtle of you. Sure, please detail out the amount of FATS I receive into my adipose tissue.

As my Mom would say 'that is sooo Double Cholesterol!'

Oh yeah DAD, btw someone was looking for you on Skype tat day, He unceremoniously added me and said:Honestly What kind of hello is that?

What happened to the "Hi my name is..."

Where is the "Hi Royce, I am..."

This is just a totally WTF "Hey, tell ur dad This is my name,(with the smug face and gun pointing gesture somemore) ok bye!"

Let's see what's wrong here-

Max Slim? NO! I don't think so.

Irish? SORRY LA PAK CIK! more like malaysian.

Finally, Do I even know YOU!?
Sien! go away,BYE!
Daddy said dun talk to strangers.

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