Sunday, 2 September 2007



I'm feeling happy and bubbly today, so I'm just gonna rave about all that I love. Make myself high on life!

I LOVES those of you back in Malaysia,or not here.My farewell.
That's all I have for now, the rest are around somewhere. I miss all of you too of course, just that I can't find a pic of u at the moment.Loves ya.

Loves those that ARE here

Loves the many parties that I've been going to,Like a house party at Sasha's where we talked about EVERYTHING and played the king's cup game. Then the merdeka eve clubbing session with Sab n Peijien and SueAnn, then the Merdeka night dinner with FI,Hon wai,Ching and Mr SexOffender. Finally Yesterday night where I partied with Rachael Thean and Seijiro + David up till 5am in the morning and stayed up till 12 noon.
Merdeka In Australia
That's all the pics I have for now, I've decided not to take so much pictures as I'm LAZY and I've decided that I should not take up so much Cyberspace. so as not to look like a Cyberspace-FATSO~Besides, I'll jus leech them off others,like i got these.


the strict rules here. I can't believe they didnt let me into a bar because I didnt have my passport with me. Goodness Gracias,who brings their Passports around honestly. Ultra hate it. I had to take a tram back all the way to my place and then get back there again. But at least the nite was worth it as i had loads of fun.

Hates the feeling of insecurity when meeting those people with ultra high charisma! I can't believe and met two of those in one week. It's AMAZING how they can charm their way into people's good graces. I don't see wat is it that they do,what tactic they use to seduce. But they just ARE popular.

I hate College Square's night security guard!.This is because the day we went for Merdeka dinner and I brought (FI,HonWai,Ching and Sex Offender) home to my place for the drinking game "King's Royce's Cup" we also added truth or dare to it. 'Someone' had to run down the hall shirtless, I had to dance in front of the receptionist, and finally we dared Mr Sex Offender to run to the reception in his underwear and back.. And he did it!

Needless to say, That is how he just got his codename; to protect his identity and to repeat the accusation against him. The OLD Indian MALE Receptionist said it was SEXUAL HARASSMENT! and then said I had breached my contract and may be evicted as a result!.


But I was totally calm when he told me this, It was one of those 'too shock to talk' situations, so I just calmly accepted it. Oh well, If I do have to move I don't mind either.
Till tomoro. Tata for now dearies.

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