Thursday, 30 August 2007



Finally the temperatures here are climbing back up. Even as someone who hates heat, it was seriously too cold over here during winter. The weird part is that Spring time is usually associated with the beginning of the year, but it does feel like that to me because I've just moved and this is a whole beginning for me here after all.

Firstly I should wish all the September babies~

Blessed Birthdays!

2nd Sep - Li Tim
7th Sep - Samantha Tan
8th Sep - Yee Jenn
12th Sep - Pei Jien

well warmth has returned to this earth and the weather is about perfect for me.All about Melbourne people begin to shed their coats like fat furry cocoons to turn into spring loving social butterflies. I've been taking advantage of the weather by going out a lot. I've learnt a super fun drinking game, stocked up my in house mini-bar. Once I'm about satisfied with my place. I'll take some photos for you people to see.

I plan to go to visit Sydney around September and look around Gold Coast in early Nov before going back to Malaysia. but as usual, my world doesn't follow plans and the flow is not always as expected.

In philosophy class we've learnt how Free Will doesn't exist. The many years of teaching just collapsed in my mind after we all rationalized the concept of free will. We all can accept and understand the natural law of Cause and effect. EVERTHING that happens has a cause, even if you are simply picking what to eat. it is only because you have the few choice of food available,which you bought froFiona rules m the market because it was on sale and those were all that's left,because you went late, because you missed the bus and so on...from this we can already see how everything has a cause to it. The very word BECAUSE means (The cause is) example:" I couldn't go to the party (because) The cause is that I had another appointment." So whatever free will you think you have is an illusion, all your choices are made based on your upbringing and beliefs which also have a cause to them(e.g. church,temples,school education,parental guidance...) Even if you suddenly 'Choose' to go paris,Fiona rocks you can't (BECAUSE) you have school, you have commitments. everything is interconnected and effects each other. So the questions posed are 'how can we blame each individual for something that they had no real choice in the matter?' and this also disproves the christian belief of free will. which I myself had long believed in. the free will part.

sigh it feels weird to have something you thought was real so long just collapse in your mind.
Ok im gonna update daily from now on. So please check in for super interesting stuff.. Wink*

Tata for now/

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