Saturday, 22 September 2007


Pei Jien's (Pigeon's) Birthday!
Happy Coming-Out-Of-Your-Mother's-Vagina Day!

Oh Gosh, Look behind rach and li fang- It's the Cheshire cat.

This pic below is just a stray pic I decided to post as those who don't really track me won't know the difference anyway.OMG, I love facebook! all the pictures that are tagged with me inside are instantly delivered, I can jus copy paste here and save effort,time and money.
God bless Facebook.


Yes it's the start of the Lazy Daze. Springtime brings with it flies and spiteful sunshine.

All I really feel like doing is watch my movies.
It's about a boy who has no bellybutton and he's basically a supersmart 16-year old newborn. Funny and interesting. reccomended.

Next up: The sights of Melbourne.

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