Tuesday, 18 September 2007



Pei Jien's birthday party at Seven was last Friday.Had so much fun with all my new aussie frens and of course my close malaysian ones. Since then,things have been pretty much a blur as I wake at nights and sleep in the day. Such unhealthy lifestyle. blah. day in day out drinking and lazing around.

Honestly I had no idea what was happening, all I remember was coming out of the club after getting sloshed. Didn't even feel or remember that I danced at all~ then people were telling me I had blood on my shirt.

All I thought was,": aiya you tink I so drunk meh>? lollZZ" and then proceeded to talk to the bush and showered it with my stomach porridge.

Apparently I just got an apology on Facebook from a guy I met through Pei jien. I'm trying to find out more myself about The case of the mystery blood- On my nice white shirt somemore!
Banyak cipet betul!

Omg,I just realised there goes my (partly) decent reputation. down the drain of life.

Ok let me off set it by showing you what a hard little working elf I am-
I decided to show you what some of my assignments are like. It's quite fun actually.Though granted not every assignment is so lighthearted.But most of them are fun. Especially when you get to be beetchi and critical.

For copywriting, we get to pick Ads we like to praise, and bomb ads that we don't. Easy, breezy and won't even sneezy.

This is an Ad I like.
AN Ad I hate
Ok end of post for now. OMg someone help me with the technical stuff of making a new blog skin! GAWD!... ok BAI BAI!

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