Friday, 14 September 2007



I've long procrastinated this appreciation post. But since it's taken awhile for the excitement of a new world to simmer down and the reminiscence of the old world to bubble up.

I must so thank Winson and the Shidios (well, I think Samantha,Shaz,Jt and Ashlei in particular) for giving me these goodbye gifts to look at and miss.

This is a (cotton? wool?) pin up that Winson gave me before I left. So sweet of him lor.
It's now stuck on my study table's pin up wall.

This is the cover of a cute photo album that Sam,Shaza,Jt and Ashlei (were there more?) gave me.
I love it alot, one of the best prezzies I got before leaving, (aside from the many loaded ang paus)

Let me show you the pretty pages that keep bringing back to those days.
The bubbly Posse~
The yummy scones by the rolling fields of tea plantation
This bubble blowing moment on Camerons is one of my favs to look at.
It really gives me the feel of those old rolling films. Frame by frame.~

Grr! the uploaders are soo not working now. My pictures just doesn't want to work!


Ok going to continue later, heading to Pei Jien's Partay!

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